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Nursing Theory Essay

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At St. Mary’s Hospital there is a need for dedicated admission staff. Several reasons why are:
1. Improve Patient flow
2. Improve Patient satisfaction
3. Increase safety
4. Monitor Flow of visitors

Patients currently enter hospital and are either registered at the business office, or directed to another area of the hospital and registered, depending on their business. The current system does not create a controlled environment and causes unnecessary steps for an efficient admission process. Unit Coordinators are currently the main admitters of Emergency Department and Inpatient admits, and because of the multiple interruptions of the Coordinator, mistakes are being made that are ...view middle of the document...

Increased number of ED visits, causing increase admissions.  When the ER patient is being admitted the Unit Coordinator is away from her desk, allowing the phone to ring at length, or no one to assist the next person waiting at the desk.  People are asked to wait, but waiting slows the admitting process down, that slows orders allowed to be entered, and medications needing processed by Cardinal Health through the Pyxis that the nurse needs to obtain before they can be given.  What has been a 15 minutes process now has turned into a 60 minute process for the patient. 

b. ED admits are increasing during the weekends. See the following statistics for a 3 month period – 2013/2014

# of Sat/Sun ED admits | Avg. Weekly ED admits | Avg. # ED admitted before/after weekday business hours |
Month | 2013 | 2014 | 2013 | 2014 | 2013 | 2014 |
April | 70 | 84 | 23.4 | 26 | 12.2 | 8.2 |
May | 75 | 112 | 16.2 | 16 | 13.6 | 10.6 |
June | 44 | 82 | 24 | 26.4 | 12 | 13 |

3. Staffing #’s has not changed to reflect the growth in ED#’s. Nurse staffing has remained consistent of 1 nurse in the ED with a Unit Coordinator on the nursing floor. Because of the increase in patients and addition of EDM in Meditec the nurse/Unit Coordinator response time/time spent with each patient is less. Less contact with the patient equates to lower satisfaction from the patient and the physician. Inpatients are usually seen in the ED before admission- the experience in the ED does reflect the overall inpatient score.

To raise safety in the organization is to provide a controlled environment when a patient walks in the door.  Patient look for an admit desk upon entering a hospital. Patients are directed to their destination after being admitted. This creates a controlled environment. At SMH patients are directed differently depending on who is available and trained to admit. The lack of clarity in the process causes pointless confusion. Patient sense a lack of professionalism from the staff. A new admission process with role clarity created by having designated admission staff will improve patient perception, stream line admission times, and create a more professional environment.

I recommend adding 2 full time employees to the front office. These employees will provide...

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