Nvq 2 Health & Social Care

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21 The Principles of Infection Prevention and Control

1. Explain employees’ roles and responsibilities in relation to the prevention and control of infection (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)
1. 
2. 

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2 Describe different types of PPE (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)

5.3 Explain the reasons for use of PPE (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)

5.4 State current relevant regulations and legislation relating to PPE (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)

5.5 Describe employees’ responsibilities regarding the use of PPE (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)

5.6 Describe employers’ responsibilities regarding the use of PPE (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)

5.7 Describe the correct practice in the application and removal of PPE (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)

5.8 Describe the correct procedure for disposal of used PPE (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)

6.1 Describe the key principles of good personal hygiene (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)

6.3 Describe the correct sequence for hand washing (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)

6.4 Explain when and why hand washing should be carried out (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)

6.5 Describe the types of products that should be used for hand washing (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)

6.6 Describe correct procedures that relate to skincare (Planned: 0 ,...

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