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Unit 501 – Communication


The relationship between care staff and clients need to be effective and appropriate. Verbally staff may need to develop and change their tone or volume dependant on the clients level of hearing and where identified may need to simply the context of their communication dependant on the clients level of understanding and functioning.

Where there are communication difficulties and/or disability the use of hands gestures, touch and feel adapted facilities, facial expressions in communication and where appropriate the use of written communication is used.

Where there is the need to use signing for a deaf person then any skills ...view middle of the document...

To communicate across the organisation is done within different stages to enable communication to be effective within the specific ranks of the organisation. When promoting and advertising the company and facilities available this is done in a different format to communication within a management directorate

This is used when weekly updates are given to staff via e-mail and/or the office based communication book. Minutes of meetings are used as formal communication but as written evidence of what was discussed within meetings and any agreed actions to be taken by the attendees.

Note taking such as personal prompts such as points of communication whilst taking a telephone call may be used as and then facilitated to document in a more formal way or to simply jog memory when action is taken following the call.

Public (Information/promotional):
The use of information within the public arena has to be dealt with in a sensitive fashion to prevent any breaches of data protection. Through advertising and promoting of the business to the use of public resource for exercise such as staff recruitment within public such as newspapers, notice boards, internet/intranet. The basic information such as the organisation name, logo, contact details and aim/detail of the communication would all be published on a needs must or as necessary as possible and governed by the data protection act.


Due to the staff being community based it is crucial on a monthly basis to hold staff meetings at a time that is less disruptive to the service and at a time to enable as many staff members as possible to attend. Due to the volume of the staff team and varying demands on the service that is run around the clock I vary the days of the week and times of the staff meetings to allow all staff members to attend as many as possible. When a staff meeting is held a senior member of staff within the management structure will produce minutes of the meeting outlining all attendees, and apologies, time, date and venue of the meeting and all points discussed and any agreed actions. The staff group have the opportunity to being any items for the agenda of the staff meeting that they wish to be discussed. The staff team have the times and dates of the future meeting 12 months in advance. If for any reason these dates/times change all staff are informed via e-mail, the handwritten office based communication book is updated and also there is communication typed and placed on the staff notice board. In between staff meetings staff have 4-6 weekly one-to-one supervision sessions where they attend the office and have this session with their line manager, this give a more personal approach where any discussions can be had and written minutes are taken for both parties (one given to staff member to keep and one placed upon the staff members personal file in a safe and secure locked area).
When staff are community based and visiting...

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