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Independent Mobile Classification Body

IMCB Guide and Classification Framework for UK Mobile
Operator Commercial Content Services

First Edition
February 2005

IMCB Guide and Classification Framework


Introduction - General overview of IMCB

Background to IMCB and Mobile Operator Code of Practice for New Content Services
Terms of reference
Classification – Overview
The Internet
Classification advice and general enquiries
Contact details

The Framework Standard

1. Classification Framework – General

Classification Framework Structure
Scope of the Classification Framework
Relationship ...view middle of the document...

Whilst many of the Commercial Content
services which are delivered using this new technology will be suitable for all ages, some of the
new services may, however, contain content which is only suitable for customers who are over
18 years of age. The Mobile Operators recognise that this may cause concern to parents whose
children have mobile phones and have therefore worked together to develop the Code of
Practice. This is intended to help protect children and give parents and carers the necessary
information and tools to protect their children. A copy of the Code of Practice for New Content
Services on mobile devices is available at www.imcb.org.uk.
With respect to Commercial Content, the Mobile Operators specifically committed to appointing
an independent classification body to provide a Framework for classifying Commercial Content
that is only suitable for customers 18 years and older. IMCB is the body chosen by the Mobile
Operators to perform this role.

Terms of reference

IMCB is the Independent Mobile Classification Body responsible for setting a Classification
Framework for certain new forms of mobile Commercial Content. IMCB Ltd is a not-for-profit
company formed as a subsidiary of ICSTIS – the UK premium rate regulator – and Board
members of IMCB have been drawn from the ICSTIS Committee. A multi-disciplinary team
supports the Board. Premium Rate Services continue to be regulated by ICSTIS even where
they are also Commercial Content services and need to be classified in accordance with this
As a body independent of the Mobile Operators, IMCB will:
Provide and maintain the Classification Framework after consultation with the Mobile
Operators and other stakeholders;
Review and amend the Classification Framework after consulting the Mobile Operators
and other stakeholders in light of changes in the law or changes in society’s
expectations. Evidence for this may come from consumer and public complaints,
changes in standards by the Agreed Bodies or research;
Publish information about the role and work of IMCB through an IMCB website and other
appropriate means and, as part of this activity, IMCB will publish an annual report and
summary of accounts;
Deal with all complaints and disputes about the misclassification of Commercial Content
in accordance with the complaints and dispute procedures set out in this document;
Consult with the Mobile Operators over the appointment of new members to the IMCB

Any words used with capital letters denotes a defined term and is listed in the Appendix to this document


IMCB Guide and Classification Framework


IMCB’s remit is to determine a Classification Framework for Commercial Content against which
Content Providers can self-classify their own content (whether provided directly or indirectly) as
18 where appropriate. Such content will be placed behind Access Controls so that, when
combined with age...

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