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303 - Section A - Task 1a
Report on Substance Data Collection System V’s Excel Spreadsheet
We currently use two methods of participant data collection systems. Substance (on line data input programme) and a formulated excel spreadsheet.

Substance online data input programme costs the Foundation £1,400 be annum and was developed by an external experienced social research company that specialise in working in the youth, sport and positive activities sector . Their mission states that they aim to help projects and organisations delivering personal, community and social development to improve and demonstrate impact and value.
They further believe their programme helps make connections ...view middle of the document...

The Excel Spreadsheet is a far less complicated system, but capabilities of the system are limited to just one outcome - Measuring Participant Visits. This is an extremely useful tool especially used alongside Substance as a combined way of measuring participant and participant visits. The spreadsheet used on its own would not provide us with enough data as evidence to funders, however as an organisation, it is an excellent measuring tool to track performance and productivity of sessions. Ironically substance is unable to calculate participant visits, only schemes and participants.
I recommend that we continue to use Substance as our main data collection system and use the excel spreadsheet as backup to this system. Substance required a form signed by parents/guardians allowing for consent of information to be inputted. In some of the areas and sessions we work with (such as drop in clubs) this is not always possible. This is where the data collection spreadsheet becomes invaluable, as the coach only needs to enter participation figures such as 10 boys 3 girls.
My team continuously monitor both systems to check the data has been inputted in line with our coaching planners. Over a period of 8 weeks (roughly 380 sessions) there tends to only be a handful of over sights by the coaches. This can be for a number of reasons, but do to the hard copy of data that is collected in the schools folders (along with risk assessments and session registers) this data is always recoverable.
Another area my team monitor closely is the data protection. We follow the data protection act 1998 guidelines closely. The excel spreadsheet provides no data that can be misused, however the substance data collection system does. However the programme has a cleverly designed restricted access security systems, so staff, depending on their level of clearance have limited access. We also require substance to only be accessed using computers at the Stadium or the Training Ground. We carry out spot checks on when and where data was inputted to ensure staff are adhering to the rules.
In conclusion I feel we are currently getting the most form our data collection systems. Although substance is only being used to 10% of its capacity it is still providing us with the data we require. The data collection spreadsheet is an excellent back up tool and does also provide us with key data on participant visits that the substance system cannot manage. I recommend we continue to use both resources in its current format ensuing we are collecting all data as required.

303 - Section A - Task 1b
In my report I found that our...

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