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Ob Bullying Bosses Case Incident 2

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Chapter 7 – Case incident 2
Bullying Bosses

1. How does workplace bullying violate the rules of organizational justice?
To answer this question we need to know what organizational justice is.
Organizational justice is divided in 3 main theories such as Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice and Interactional Justice. 
This theories of justice are created to make the workplace an effective and a pleasant place, where everyone is treated with the same fairness. For example:
Interactional justice concerns fairness of how individuals treat one another not only when resources are distributed but in everyday interactions, as well. 
However, workplace bullying is the ...view middle of the document...

The three key elements of the definition are intensity, direction, and persistence:
* Intensity is concerned with how hard a person tries.
* Direction is the orientation that benefits the organization.
* Persistence is a measure of how long a person can maintain his/her effort.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Self-efficacy: is an individual’s belief that he is capable of performing a task.
The three key elements of the definition:
* Enactive mastery: past experience in a particular task
* Vicarious modeling: comparing to the performance of others
* Verbal Persuasion:  encouragement/discouragement through verbal feedback
* Arousal: emotional state

Workplace bullying will affect our motivation, especially the intensity and direction.
When bullied a person won’t work as hard as before, because it may cause them lack of concentration or will be performing the job with fear, this way lowering the intensity.
It will impact the motivation’s direction, the bullied employee will not channel his motivation towards the organization as it’s a place where he doesn’t feel alright and tend to avoid as much as possible.
We can also take a look at Maslow’s pyramid. A bullied employee will have his needs affected. Not as much the physiological and safety needs but the ones in higher order, social (may feel rejected), esteem (won’t feel valued) and self-actualization (will not feel motivated enough to achieve his/her goals).
Self-efficacy will be affected too, the person’s morale will go down and thus lose confidence that he is capable of performing his tasks. As self-efficacy goes down so will the performance, he won’t try to overcome his difficulties, he will show lack of interest or even lead to the extreme of quitting the job.

As far as the retaliation question, this matter depends on the personality of the person in question. Personally I wouldn’t retaliate unless the situation became unbearable. I believe we should ignore this kind of situations in order not to give the bully reasons to continue, however when it doesn’t stop something needs to be done. Therefore sometimes we could and should retaliate, but in a non-aggressive way. We should try to fix things the best way possible. If nothing else works the next step should be talking to a superior to solve this problem, the last and not advisable solution would be to quit the job.

3. If you were a victim of workplace bullying, what steps would you take to try to reduce its occurrence? What strategies would be most effective? Least effective? What would you do if one of your colleagues were a victim?

* Workplace bullying is a costly epidemic, and the onus is on management to establish and enforce a strong, consistent corporate culture that stops the inclination to bully before the behavior starts.
To reduce workplace bullying I personally would tell the bully to stop. Of course this is easier said than done, however we must put a stop to...

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