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Obese Epidemic Essay

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Obesity Epidemic
Obesity is an epidemic in the U.S and it is taking over our population. One in three adults becomes obese and obesity can cause heart disease, cancer and diabetes. However, this epidemic does not only target adults but children as well. Obesity begins with children and can be found in children as young as newborns. According to Alison Motluk, “The problem starts young. One-Third of U.S secondary-school students fail to get enough physical activity and over a tenth get none at all, according to recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia”(563). The big question is how are our kids becoming obese at such a young age? They consume more calories ...view middle of the document...

That shows parents take their families to these fast food places way too often, and why do they do it? It’s simple; it is much more convenient than cooking at home and much cheaper than buying fresh produce for a home cooked meal. With the economy so weak, parents try to find alternative ways to make their dollar stretch, not thinking about how they are killing their children with every bite they are taking from those delicious Big Macs.
However, the only place we have small control of what our kids ingest is at school. Those foods are not the healthiest and best for our kids but somehow they fit the nutrition guidelines. What make the meals healthy and well-rounded are the side choices they serve, fresh fruit and salads, but what if these healthy choices are not being chosen by the kids. When the healthy foods are served next to pizza, the children choose the pizza because that is more delicious than the fresh apples and vegetables. Making kids not have a choice about what to eat by serving only one choice of a healthy food is an idea that has been brought up to help with this epidemic.
This is a hard epidemic to conquer but there are many things parents can do to address this issue. One thing is choosing to eat at home more often and exercising more, but it is not as easy at is sounds. When habits have been introduced at a young age, it is very hard to get rid of them. There should be less fast food places being built, and for the ones we have right now they should have strong nutritional guide lines. If this epidemic is occurring throughout the whole Nation, then we should do things together. Controlling the foods served at school and adding more fresh produce to every plate without questions being asked can help fix the problem. Parents can also stop giving their children fast food at such a young age and instead take them out for family walks to help stop this epidemic and reduce the changes of this happening.
However, there is another view to this epidemic. We have to think of this epidemic as a bad cycle that has to be broken, and the reason we have this epidemic sweeping our country is due to the lack of education in families. Parents are not all at fault, how can they make better decisions for their children if they do not know what these better choices are. First, we need to find unique ways to educate information about healthy diets and to stop pointing fingers at who’s at fault it is. Then we need to make sure all this information stays in parents’ minds as well as the children’s minds.
We can start by having health clubs and classes starting at elementary schools and opening these clubs for parents as well. The younger the children are when we instill good habits, the better...

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