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Obesity In Us Essay

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Obesity in America
June 6, 2014
Paul Korzeniowski

Obesity of the main causes of malnutrition in children and adults in America is mainly because caused of cheap foods that are low nutrition unhealthy and that are usually full of calories and fat. Obesity is eventually what will be the outcome. Poverty is the main factor of obesity. Factually speaking, Obesity and poverty without a doubt are interconnected. If Americans can actively become involved in their health and diet obesity could be eliminated. According to a recent poll, it has been stated American adults and American children are either obese or overweight adults raking in two-thirds while children are more than ...view middle of the document...

Solving the obesity problem can save health care money which could be used for improvement of the living conditions of low income citizen by paying for housing or college education, for instance.
Fast food is a significant factor when talking about obesity in low income families. Fast food chains restaurants target lower class families, when pitching their advertising campaigns low income families are generally exposed to fast food restaurants a lot more than their wealthy counterparts living in affluent areas. Low income families are constantly bombarded with the chance to purchase fast food. Although there are some healthy foods, they can afford to buy they choose otherwise. Buying cheap food is always a bad chose they contain lots of fat and tons of sugar. Junk food contains lots of calories that come from sugar and fat. Which is why the government need to step in and make sure that organic foods need to be available to all citizens in America at a reasonable price. Clean eating organic foods will help tremendously in the fight against malnourishment obesity. Organic foods are full of nutrients and are also, unlike fast food. Unfortunately, organic foods come at a high price, and lowest income families just can't afford them. There are many different factors that contribute to the high cost of natural foods. Today American citizens only by one-tenth of organic foods on a regular basis. However, the price on organic food should go down in the future hopefully if the demand for organic food goes up.
The first step to prevent the obesity within the low income community is to make sure they are offered a chance to better themselves with a college education. This would give them better opportunities to provide a better life for their families. This would also reduce the poverty level. Also, the government should provide more sufficient housing to be built for low income families so they can also have a nice clean and secure place to live. When these changes go into effect, the country's poverty level will drop amazingly quickly, and the problem with obesity should vastly will improve.
In many urban area schools, the opportunities for physical education class are slim to none in these areas due to the budget cuts these class are the first to be cut. However in your upper echelon community students are exposed to high-tech gyms that provide fitness and weight management, students in an urban area cannot afford these types facilities. One of the most important way to live a healthy lifestyle is excise. Unfortunately in low income neighborhoods children that attend the neighborhood school are not privilege to spaces for recreation that in some cases that would be their only source of exercise for most of these children. In a typically setting schools, usually offer Physical education once a week. However, it is imperative that the government makes some drastic changes for its physical education standards. School is a place where a healthy...

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