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Object Oriented Vs. Procedural Programming Essay

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Object-Oriented vs. Procedural Programming

Whether it is Object-Oriented or Procedural Programming, programming in general is dealing with or looking at data and the code that can and will change the data (output) in some way. Object-Oriented vs. Procedural Programming can be said to be ways we handle the coding of the data – how it is written perhaps. We need to apply different thinking and strategies when we write code, and it can be either Object-Oriented or Procedural Programming.
In Procedural Programming, we group our code into procedures, hence the name Procedural Programming. These procedures are instructions on how we use and manipulate the data. With Procedural Programming ...view middle of the document...

Data in objects are attributes and procedures and functions in an object are methods. Object Oriented Programming combines methods called encapsulation and can hide data of an object from other objects.
One of the differences with Procedural Programming and Object Oriented Programming is Procedural Programming uses shared data and Object Oriented Programming store data in objects (rather than share). One of the drawbacks with Procedural Programming is when you need to change a shared variable, you have to change it everywhere referenced in the code, and that can be timely and complicated. With Object Oriented Programming, if we need to make the same change, all we have to do is change the functions that access the variables. Using Object Orient Programming can save development time because you can reuse code and classes can be used and tested independently. Object Oriented Programming is a collection of discrete objects that are self-contained collections of data structures and routines that interact with other objects. With Procedural Programming, the basic programming element is the procedure (a named sequence of statements, such as a routine, subroutine, or function).
Writing code is like writing a set of instructions. If you...

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