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Observation Of A New Boson At A Mass Of 125 Gev With The Cms Experiment At The Lhc

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1. Introduction

The standard model (SM) of elementary particles provides a remarkably accurate description of results from many accelerator and non-accelerator based experiments. The SM comprises quarks and leptons as the building blocks of matter, and describes their interactions through the exchange of force carriers: the photon for electromagnetic interactions, the W and Z bosons for weak interactions, and the gluons for strong interactions. The electromagnetic and weak interactions are unified in the electroweak theory. Although the predictions of the SM have been extensively confirmed, the question of how the W and Z gauge bosons acquire mass whilst the photon remains massless is ...view middle of the document...

The CMS experiment excluded at 95% CL a range of masses from 127 to 600 GeV [21]. The ATLAS experiment excluded at 95% CL the ranges 111.4–116.6, 119.4–122.1 and 129.2–541 GeV [22]. Within the remaining allowed mass region, an excess of events near 125 GeV was reported by both experiments. In 2012 the proton–proton centre-of-mass energy was increased to 8 TeV and by the end of June an additional integrated luminosity of more than 5 fb−1 had been recorded by each of these experiments, thereby enhancing significantly the sensitivity of the search for the Higgs boson.

This Letter reports the results of a search for the SM Higgs boson using samples collected by the CMS experiment, comprising data recorded at View the MathML sources=7 and 8 TeV. The search is performed in five decay modes, H→γγH→γγ, ZZZZ, W+W−W+W−, τ+τ−τ+τ−, and View the MathML sourcebb¯, in the low-mass range from 110 up to 160 GeV. In this mass range the Higgs boson production cross section is predicted to have values between 23 (29) and 10 (14) pb at View the MathML sources=7(8) TeV[23]. The natural width of the SM Higgs boson over the same range is less than 100 MeV and the width of any observed peak would be entirely dominated by instrumental mass resolution. In what follows, ℓ stands for electrons or muons, H→W+W−H→W+W− is denoted as H→WWH→WW, H→τ+τ−H→τ+τ− as H→ττH→ττ, and View the MathML sourceH→bb¯ as H→bbH→bb....

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