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Observation Of Leadership Skills Essay

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Keynen Jones
Tuesday-Thursday 10 am- 11:50 am

Observation of leadership skills

For my leadership evaluation, I observed MS. Wendy Fook’s Zumba class at the Arlington Heights community center on the North Side of Youngstown. MS. Fooks was by No means a professional Zumba Instructor, in fact; she told me she was doing it for fun, as most of her participants were her very close friends. Ms. Fooks is a 32 year old woman from Youngstown Ohio, she does not have any degrees in exercise science, nor any experience in leading an exercise class outside of the Zumba class she leads at Arlington. She is a very warm and welcoming lady who gave me the privilege of critiquing her work ...view middle of the document...

She told me that she loves Zumba and has been practicing and preforming for about 3 years, and by the looks of her moves, I can see she was telling the truth. Miss Fooks knew what she was doing so I say she is a very knowledgeable and credible source when it comes to Zumba fitness exercise. I would give her a five out of five in this aspect. She knew the material she was teaching and knew how to teach it.

ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS: MS. Fooks choose a small room to hold class, because of this decision, her participants didn’t have very much space to operate. The funny thing about this decision was that she had an entire gym she could of used that was right next door to her, but she choose to stay in her small room to the detriment to her participants, that is a move I did not agree with. Another tool she used was the Television I mentioned above. It was loud and obnoxious, but it was used to play Zumba style music and show step by step examples of the movements needed to perform the complete each dance. So it helped students learn and the Instructor teach, so it was a very useful in the lesson. Overall I would give MS. Fook’s organization a three out of five. If I could give her any tips on improving her organization; I would first lower the TV volume so she could hear feedback from students, and give instructions without having to scream. Second, I would move the class to the gymnasium. So everyone could move freely and comfortably, instead of having to watch every step they take.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: MS. Fook’s way of communicating to her students consisted of mainly screaming orders. She did not talk to any of the participants directly, so I would say she gave general feedback to her students than specific. Her main phrase she kept repeating was “Great Job Ladies”, a general comment that doesn’t help the students understand what they are doing correctly. I would give her communication skills a three out of five, as she did not address many of the weaknesses in the students. If I could give her any tips on her communication, it would be address student questions directly, Point out strengths and weaknesses of entire class, and make it a habit to mix both specific AND general feedback. More “good job Maybelline!” and less “Good job ladies!”

SUPERVISORY SKILLS: This was probably the main fault of Ms. Fook’s lesson from my perspective. Miss Fook’s had a bad habit of turning her back to the students sometimes, and other times she was too busy doing her own movements instead of instructing...

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