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Observation Study
I went to a Starbucks store near DU twice to conduct the observations. First, I went there on March 26 and stayed there from 8:00am to 9:30am. Then I went there on the next day and stayed there from 10:00am to 11:00am. I mainly observed the physical layout of this store, the in-store environment, the price of the coffee, the reactions of the customers and the performance of the staff. As for the performance of the staff, I observed their genders, ages, facial expressions, job content and work efficiency and also counted the number of them.
Through the observation study, I want to know whether the physical layout of this Starbucks store is ...view middle of the document...

As mentioned above, I selected ten customers, including myself. Five of these customers came at off-peak time, so they did not need to wait in line. The other five customers, including myself, came at peak time, so we needed to wait for ordering, and in order to achieve conformity, each of the five customers I chose was the person waiting behind four other persons before they ordered. For another, I utilized some qualitative metrics: is the in-store environment clear or not, will the staff clear the tables regularly, is the store noisy or not, is it convenient for customers to order, get the coffee after ordering and dispose the garbage, are the staff friendly or not, and are there any customers who expressed anger or impatience?
Next, I will analyze what I observed and learned. First, I observed the physical layout of this Starbucks store. There are two doors, one for entrance and the other one for exit. As soon as the customers enter the door, they will see the tables on both sides. After going straight, they will arrive at the ordering stations. There are some display cases along the road. After ordering, they only need to turn left and go straight for two to three steps to get the coffee. Then they can turn right and go straight to find the tables or leave the store. There is a garbage can at the door. This layout makes it convenient and easy for customers to order, get the coffee and dispose the garbage. In addition, this layout helps avoid the mutual interference between the customers who are ordering or waiting for ordering and the customers who are waiting for getting the coffee. These customers will not disturb the customers sitting at the table as well. Therefore, the layout of this store is reasonable enough.
Second, I found that the environment of this store was very clean. There was no garbage on either of the tables or the floor when I came in. One of the staff would do some cleaning at intervals. In addition, this store was not noisy and would play some music to help customers relax themselves. Moreover, the average amount of time spent on finding a suitable table by customers was 5-10 seconds, which meant the customers could find the table they want to sit at after getting the coffee immediately. Therefore, I think the environment of this store is comfortable and pleasant.
Additionally, I learned about the efficiency of this store. According to Table1 and Table 2, the customers who came at off-peak time would spend about one minute and forty seconds on the whole buying process, and the customers who came at peak time and waited behind four people would spend about four minutes. It is no doubt that customers do not need to spend much time on buying a cup of coffee in this Starbucks store, which can be attributed to the high work efficiency of the staff there. In addition, there are two ordering stations, which also help to improve the efficiency. Therefore, this store is very efficient.
Table 1: Amount of Time...

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