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Observe And Analyze Two Different Elementary School Classrooms

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Observe and Analyze Classroom instruction

This signature assignment is about observing and analyzing classroom instruction in at least 2 classrooms. The two classrooms that I chose to observed is special education and general education. In this assignment I will give a synopsis of my observation, how the instruction differentiated to meet the needs of identified students, identify strengths and needs based on research based practice, and I will suggest what are the next steps teachers can take to improve their lesson.
The first class that I observed was Mrs. Black's class of fourth, fifth, and sixth graders in a special day class. The lesson was observed from 10:30 to 11:00. The ...view middle of the document...

Mrs. Black use the word "spectrum" as an example of word with the root word "spect". The reference was the shopping center located here in Chino Hills; however, none of the students knew about it. My suggestion for the teacher to connect to prior knowledge by further probing the meaning of the word, a spectrum (glass when light shines on it creates a rainbow), etc. might have sparked a connection with some students. Mrs. Black used a selection of instructional strategies: board, word cards, chart, worksheet, oral, written, kinesthetic. However some of them weren't responsive to student needs. For

example, Mrs. Black used cards to talk about root words, adding on suffixed and affixed. She had cards for the students to manipulate which was a great idea. However, then the ideas was to tape the cards to the
board. Mrs. Black realize that she needed the cards for additional words. She adjusted as needed, but the instructional strategy then did not have the same purpose she intended. My suggestion would be for Mrs. Black to write the word and definition of "spect" and "sign" on the board so students can refer back to it and that would have been beneficial to the student. After the students had put the words together Mrs. Black should write the word on the board because once the cards were rearranged, they had no reference to previous words. When going on to the next activity of the lesson (the chart), the students did not have a reference. In addition, a discussion of the meaning of the words would have been helpful for the student. For example "spectrum". Once the word was developed, an explanation of its meaning should have been included. Not only will the students decode better when they can chunk the word, but also when they have an ideas of the meaning of the word. The standards for behavior in the class is equally maintained. The transitions are smooth and the students are independent. The directions are clear and the routines are consistent. The pacing of the lesson was appropriate. Mrs. Black did run over her time for her group and was not able to complete the activity for that rotation. My suggestion would of been to possibly minimizing the activities over two rotations would have been a better pace. Mrs. Black did adjust her lesson as necessary when students were not understanding. Mrs. Black solicited many oral responses from the students, as well as a guided workbook page in order to assess learning. Mrs. Black did utilize the research based strategy on similarities and differences. She taught the students to recognize the similarities of the root words to decode the meaning of the word but she did not identify the differences. Identifying the differences can be a subsequent lesson. She had an homework assignment for the students on root words written on the board so they can practice what they had learned in class. This is another research base strategy that Marzano had mentioned in our textbook...

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