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Observing Essay "K Ing Of The Third Grade"

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King of the Third Grade Blowing the candles out on my birthday cake, I thought only of the presents sitting beside the table. While eating chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream, I stared mysteriously at the gifts. "What could they be?" I thought. When mom said, " It's time to open presents," I flew past the kitchen chairs and stared with excitement at all the presents. Opening them one by one, I saved the smallest for last. " Here you go," my older brother said, " I got this for you." I ripped the wrapping paper off and threw it towards the area of the trashcan. A pack of Topps football cards lay in my hands. My brother knew I like collecting football cards. He always seemed to know ...view middle of the document...

On the front of the card Joe's picture graces the left side while his name and the 49ers name lay on the right. You can hardly make out his face. His helmet covers his hair, forehead, ears, and partially covers his jaws. His helmet is tan with a red and white stripe down the middle. On the left side of the helmet a circle is stamped with a SF printed in the middle it. The front face guards help to hide most of his facial features. You can see his dark eyes, medium sized nose, and a partially strong jaw line. The chinstrap covers his chin. He is wearing a red jersey with his number 16 on it. He grips the ball with both hands searching for an open receiver to throw it to. The front of the card has a black border around it. The back of the card contains his statistics from the years 1979-1984. There is a small section at the bottom telling you about his height weight, and where he graduated college. There is also a brief summary on the backside about his super bowl victory:Joe quarterbacked a near-perfect Super Bowl in leading the 49ers to a 38-16 win vs. Dolphins last January. He hit 24 of 35 passes for 331 yards and 3 touchdowns while scoring on a 6 yard run. He ranks as one of the most proficient quarterbacks in NFL history. Was All-Pro QB in...

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