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Obtaining Master's In Business Administration Essay

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Obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration
Mark Borne
Management 521
July 29, 2010
Dr. Paul Spring

Deciding to pursue a master’s in business administration (MBA) has proved to be a rather complex decision that I have struggled with for the last 12 months. Achieving an MBA is a very challenging feat that will require tremendous sacrifice. Aside from financial and emotional burdens, time management will likely present one of the biggest challenges. This paper will construct and support an argument on my decision to pursue an MBA while considering the Jungian Personality self-assessment on how others perceive me.

Obtaining a Masters in Business Administration

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As time passed, I began realizing the only way I would be able to get an MBA is if I make time. After an assessment of my life, I decided to make the commitment. At that time I was still a little skeptical given the current job market but thought the demand for employment would rebound prior to finishing the program. According to Business Source Complete “The job market for MBA graduates appears to be slowly bouncing back at a growing number” (Damast, Alison, Business Week Online, June 4, 2010, p7-7). I know acquiring an MBA will certainly open the door in ways that I can’t even fathom. I do look forward to the additional perks associated with an MBA but my main reason for attending school is self gratification.

Jungian Personality Assessment

After taking the personality assessment, I completely agree with all of the results. This assessment has helped me better to understand my personality, strengths, and weaknesses. The results of the evaluation revealed that I am realistic, logical, analytical, decisive, and have a good head for business. Several of these qualities will help me get through the MBA program. The two qualities that will help most are that I am realistic and have a good head for business. My realistic approach to life will help me to stay focused and avoid some of the stresses associated with academic life. Besides personal insight, this assessment has also given me a better understanding of the way that I am perceived by others.

How will I manage my time

At this early stage in the MBA program, I am still a little unsure how much time I will have to devote to school. By implementing a more proactive time management schedule I can...

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