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Occupying A Unique Place In The Story Of U.S. Immigration

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Hispanic American Diversity By Elizabeth Pitts Axia College through University of Phoenix Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Latino immigrants, along with their American born descendants, occupy a unique place in the story of U.S. immigration. They are known by different names, come from widely divergent origins, and took many different paths in their journey to assimilation into the United States. This paper will examine the different linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions and statuses of the four Hispanic groups. In the 2000 United States census 21.5 Million People identified themselves as Mexican Americans. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008) Any one that knows Mexican Americans can probable inform you that they primarily speak Spanish. But not all Mexican Americans do, there are some that have been born in the United ...view middle of the document...

Yet there are still other Mexican Americans that have converted to Protestantism. Many Mexican Americans will live in houses together even as adults, as with most ethnic groups, usually both parents will have to work to be able to financially take care of the family. There are still many Mexican Americans that are illegal and work for less than minimum wage. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008) Because of this there continues to be a problem of poverty in the Mexican American community. There is usually more crime in lower poverty level communities, which makes it not surprising to hear that many young Mexican Americans get involved in drugs and gangs. But that does not mean that all Mexican Americans are involved in illegal activities, there are many that succeed in school and often come the first ones in their families to attend college and get rewarding careers. (Microsoft Corporation, 2008) Next we are going to look a little closer to Puerto Ricans. They are the second largest subgroup of Hispanic Americans with about 3.5 million living in the United States. (Microsoft Encarta, 2008) Traditional Puerto Rican language is derived from Castillian Spanish. Just like Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans now have a heavy English influence on their Native tongue, which is referred to as Spanglish. This language is used in all forms of social engagement amongst Puerto Rican Americans At 1.2 Million Cuban Americans make up the third largest Hispanic American group. (Microsoft Encarta, 2008) Many Cuban Americans arrived in the United States after the Cuban Revolution of 1959. Unlike other Hispanic immigrants most of the Cuban immigrants were well educated with a partial knowledge of English. These Cuban Americans are also members of the middle and upper-middle classes. (Microsoft Encarta, 2008) Low on the Economic Scales Girls often have less social opportunities Girls often wear less expensive clothing than their male counter parts, who work outside the home

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