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The Great Rooted Bed On top of a lofty hill sat Odysseus's mansion. The beautiful house was no place of serenity for Penelope, his wife. Even though many suitors and maids stayed their loneness hung in the air. Without Odysseus the house seemed incomplete to the forever waiting queen. Mean while in her room, the queen would rest like a child on the night before Christmas, always hoping for her true love to appear. One day one of the older nurses rushed into Penelope's bedroom. "'Penelope-child-wake up...He's here-Odysseus-he's come home, at long last!" (Homer 455). At first the queen was very angered at the nurse's arrival. She considered this to be a joke and even told her if it was a younger nurse she would have ...view middle of the document...

Click, clock, click. Descending the intricate marble staircase the queen felt a great feeling of turmoil build up inside her. She stared into the empty room and found her eyes meeting a man who looked exactly like Odysseus, angled on the center column. Except this time; the man wore torn and dirty rags. She could see the musky hairs on his chin and the filth almost falling off him. This was not the man she knew as her husband. Penelope's son, Telemachus, watched his mother have no sympathy for her brave hero. His blood boiled with anger as he wondered why she would not welcome Odysseus with open arms. The queen told the son that if that wretched man truly was her husband they would be able to communicate through secretes signs. Angered Odysseus offered he would sleep alone, away from the heartless woman. Putting him to the real test, Penelope asked one of the maids to help move the bed that her husband made all by himself, out of the bridal chamber. Odysseus quickly caught on to what she was doing and announced that it's an, "'Impossible task, even for some skilled craftsman-unless a god came down in person,'" (Homer 461). Penelope then realized that her husband did make it back alive from his long journey. After she fell to her knee's, she cried for forgiveness and told him they need to share about what happened while he was gone. Athena held back the night so the couple could she what happened when they didn't see each other. Odysseus had many stories to share about his adventures. Once they were all done, Athena brought on the night just enough for them to get a generous amount of sleep. Soon Odysseus had armor so he could travel to his father. Once again Penelope would have to say farewell to her husband.

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