Oedipus Complex In The Life Of The Main Character As Reflected In D.H. Lawrence Sons And Lovers

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Psychoanaylsis of Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare's "Macbeth".Absract:This paper research will explore psychoanaylsis of Lady Macbeth.As Sigmund Freud theroized that a human personality had three distinct components, the Id,ego and super ego.Ones impulses,drives and desires are a part of the Id,operating on a pleasure/pain principle(Id).Left unchecked these impulses would attempt to satisfy thier urges immediately with no regards to consequences.On the other hand the ego is rooted on the reality principle,limiting the Id's behaviour and determining what is appropriate based on social conventions(ego).Three hundred years prior,William Shakespeare wrote Macbeth,a tragic tale of where ones ...view middle of the document...

(33;I.5.47-59).It is absolutely essential for her to be barren of female qualities no compassion, no kindness and no pity.she needs to attain a level of intense cruelity,eliminating all traces of womanhood,especially since Macbeth has some of those traits already.At the beginningof Freud's discussion of Lady Macbeth character in "some character-type met with in Psycho-Analytical Work",he quotes four lines from this speech and asks what is it "that broke this character which had seemed forged from the thoughest mortal"?After commenting that "it seems to be impossible to come to any decision",Feud tentatively sugggests that it has something to do with her childlessness.A closer consideartion of the language of Lady Macbeth's speech and of the phsical and psychological symptomps she experiences later in the play provides a more complete answer to Freud's question.Further,a historically informed approach to Lady Macbeth's psycho sexual character will examplify some virtues and limitations of Freud's methodology,even when applied to the psychology of composition.The language in Lady Macbeth 's soliloquy clearly has a psychological dimention.It deals with her mind and will as she devices to become murderer.But the address has its psychological reference in some of the words specifying the human body:"crown to the toe"',"blood",woman's breasts","milk","gall".This interwining of the diction of spirit and body has its intellectual contexts in Elizabethan psychological psychology in which functoion and processes of the body were believed to have have mental consequences.To understand how Lady Macbeth hopes to achieve a change in her personality,it is important to read the entire speech in the light of its simultanneous speech references to the physiological and psychological.When Lady Macbeth commands the spirit of darkness to "unsex" her.,it is not just a wish for psychological characterstics of that feminity.Since there is a bound between mind and body,the only way for her to achieve an unfeminine spirit capable of murdering Duncan is for her to attain an unfeminine physiology.Lady Macbeth is so much under the influence of her Id that she even forgets everything and ready to fulfill her ambitions.She becomes a daring fiend who leads Macbeth on the verge of destruction.Samuel Johnson aptly remarks on her diabolical diligence when he comments that,"it is Lady Macbeth who induces her husband's murder"(1908:70).She plots situation in her Duncan and takes whole situation in her own hand and makes Macbeth mere puppet for the sake of her Id.She creates such a situation that leaves little alternative for Macbeth.R.G Moulten looks on these lines when he observes:"if the witches are the agents of nemesis working by the means of ironical oracles,Lady Macbeth is the agent of manipulate the course of events in such a way that leave little alternative for Macbeth (1885:131).Macbeth may have commanding authority in the battlefield but in his personal life,he is mere...

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