Oedipus Rex And A Raisin In The Sun Comparitive Essay

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Oedipus Rex and A Raisin in the Sun Comparitive Essay
Melissa Andrus
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Oedipus Rex by Sophocles and A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry reveal pride and integrity from two different time periods and social and culture standards. They both contain some similarities, such as the pride of a man and man’s willingness and ability to change current circumstances in life. There are differences as well, such as how one handles the circumstances in their life.
In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus shows excessive pride and self-righteousness. Oedipus thinks very highly of himself and thinks he is above everyone else. Oedipus feels very important and ...view middle of the document...

They are confronted by a man who does not want a black family to move into a white neighborhood and offers them more money for their house than they spent. In the end, the family resists this attempt at segregation.
Walter believes that the money can conquer all his problems and fill him with pride and respect while competing against the whites in order to better himself and his family. He ends up learning the hard way that integrity is the only thing that can bring him ad his family happiness.
Comparing these two stories, Oedipus and Walter show similarities of having too much pride that they are unable to see what they have in front of them. Oedipus did not see that it was he who killed his own father and married his mother. Walter felt that money would better his life and did not appreciate the loving family that he had. In the end, Oedipus finds that the prophecy he fought so hard to prevent from happening came true and Walter found himself still as poor as he was prior to receiving the money.
There are also differences in that Oedipus earned his way to the throne and cured the plague that was placed on the city and because of this, he convinced himself that he was above everyone else. Walter, on the other hand, got the chance he had been longing for to better himself and his family and ended up failing. The story of Oedipus ended in a...

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