"Of Mice And Men" Compare The Opening Of The Novel "Of Mice And Men" With The Opening Of The Film Of The Same Name, Using The Language Of Media

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"Of Mice And Men"Compare the opening of the novel "Of Mice and Men" with the opening of the film of the same name, using the language of media.The opening of the novel is a panorama to set the scene. Steinback deliberately illustrates a picture with the words he uses to show how he would stage this story as a theatre production. He does this intentionally at the start of each chapter. At the commencement of the novel Steinback supplies us with the Gabilan Mountains, the Salinas River, the town of Soledad, a narrow pool, a path through the willows, birds and animals and finally men.The opening scene of the "Of Mice and Men" film is very gripping and stimulating for the audience as a result of ...view middle of the document...

At this point the camera shot of her goes out of focus making us feel empathy with the girl, as if we were in her place.In the novel we are not given all the details of the girl in the red dress in Weed until chapter 3 when George tells Slim. By this time we have already made our minds up and consequently our sympathies lie with Lenny. However in the video there is a transparently clear contrast. The two men are shown running away looking highly suspicious giving us an indication from the start that they are guilty of something. In the novel we have no idea that Lenny is dangerous until a lot later on. We don't think that he is dangerous because he has the characteristics of a child:"His huge companion dropped hisblankets and flung himself down and drank from thesurface of the green pool; drank with long gulps, snortinginto the water like a horse."In the film after you have seen the girl in red the camera then cuts to a reverse shot of George and Lennie running, first behind them and then in front. The next shot of the girl we see is from behind, we hear her scream which is a cue to show a long shot of the men she is shouting to who are working in the field, unaware of what has happened.The camera then cuts to George and Lennie and is tracking them running downhill in a field, we then see the men on horses, with dogs, in pursuit of George and Lennie. The camera then intercepts between George and Lennie and the men. This has a staccato rhythm and resembles the sound of a heartbeat causing more dramtic tension for the audience, also as more people enter the scene there are more instruments making the soundtrack more complex.The background is blurred and short shots are used giving a sense of speed and urgency about their situation. We then see a three shot of men on horses and the camera focuses on the gun in the centre of the shot, which is being carried by the man in the middle. This provokes us to think that there are violent consequences ahead.The volume of the dogs increases as they get closer to the screen and, consequently, the tension and anxiety that the audience feel, increases. George and Lennie then reach a field and we notice that George is more aware of how serious the situation is whereas Lennie is trailing behind, laboring and dragging his feet with bear like actions and doesn't seem to be aware of the urgency of their situation. The camera shows dust billowing out from under Lennie's feet. Also in this way we notice the dryness of the terrain and the time of year.When George and Lennie reach the end of the field they plunge into the water of a river. As they do so there is a low angle shot from the camera in front of George and Lennie as if we are in the water watching them rush in, in this way we feel like we are part of the action and fully realise their fear by the expression on George's face and the manner in which he descended into the river.The camera changes to a long shot of the pursuers starting to arrive, giving the...

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