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Of Mice And Men Friendship Essay

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In the novel Of Mice and Men written by John Steinback is about George and Lennie a very unusual pair of friends because George a “small and quick and dark of face” takes responsibility when he promises his Aunt Clara that he will watch Lennie “a man of tremendous size, that has the mind of a young child.” George dreams to have the American Dream of having a farm on land that he and Lennie can call his own. George and Lennie find a job on a ranch in Salinas Valley and hopefully can achieve the American dream with the money they will earn. Temptations arise from the flirtatious
boss’ wife that George tries his best to explain to Lennie to ignore her. But Lennie unaware of his tremendous amount of strength accidently shakes her too much causing her neck to break and her to die. Curley, from the start already hating Lennie now has the chance and ...view middle of the document...

George also kills Lennie himself because he wants Lennie to keep his dignity. Curley wanted to kill lenis because of hi hatred for him. Readers may believe Curley suffers from napoleon syndrome. When George calmly was laying next to lennie behind the brush he still remained in conversation with him. Lennie had no idea his death was approaching and George made him feel no pain. Also, George confirmed with lennie that he was not mad at him for anything. George was looking out for lennie. George wanted Lennie to be somewhere that “ever’body gonna be nice to you. Ain’t gonna be no more trouble.” (Page 106)

This moment displays George’s weakness because George had the chance to run away with George and to keep him alive or even fighting against the raging Curley to defend Lennie. Another example of George’s weakness was when George told lennie to remain in the brush instead of running away. He made the choice that he was going to shoot him there. On the contrary this moment exhibits strengths because George knew that instead of hiding in the brush and running George knew that it could be a repeat of what happened in weed. When George was about to shoot lennie he was still talking to him and assuring he wasn’t mad he made sure lennie had no pain once George shot him.

This situation may not affect George, Candy and Crooks’ hopes of gaining their own farm. It might even motivate them to work harder for it because of Lennie’s death and they knew how much this meant to him as well as tending the rabbits. Hopefully with Lennie’s death it does not affect George with his hopes of having a farm.

Although George did shoot lennie he did not do this to hard him he did this to protect him from Curley. Not because he cared about him but to also protect his dignity. There are weaknesses and strengths that are displayed in this situation and in George and Lennie’s friendship. But this situation will or should not affect George, Candy and Crooks’ hopes of gaining their own American dream.

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