Of Mice And Men – How Does Steinbeck Make This Extract A Particularly Powerful Moment In The Novel?

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Of mice and men – how does Steinbeck make this extract a particularly powerful moment in the novel?

The begging of chapter 6 is the same as chapter 1. I think this symbolises the beginning and the end of the story, meaning the end of an era for George and Lennie. Just as at the begging Steinbeck describes Lennie as “dragging his feet, the way a bear drags his paws” and then again at chapter 6 he says Lennie has “creeping bear moves”. Steinbeck is therefore describing Lennie as a bear.
“Deep green” and “the shadow in the valley was bluer” these both have reference to dark shades of colour. This implies that the mood is dark and eerie, making the reader on edge, expecting something to happen. The area is also brought in to set the scene saying that it has “brown dry ...view middle of the document...

The words “Motionless and “Waiting” include a tension to the extract making the reader nervous.
Lennie “embraced his knees”, Lennie is now in the foetal position. This again is a repetition of the beginning. There are a lot of meanings for this action; Lennie could also be cold/ lonely.
George then gives emotionless answers to Lennie, but Lennie is excited saying “but not us happily. Lennie believes every word that Lennie is telling him. “The evening came fast” this means that the situation is fast paced and on coming quickly.
“We gonna get a little place: George began.” George is leading Lennie into a false sense of security so that he doesn’t suspect anything. George “looked at the back of Lennie’s neck “the place “where the skull and spine were joined” this is the area that George will have to shoot to achieve immediate death. Also the quote is set in the past as if George has already killed Lennie. “Go on” said Lennie this has cross meaning, it could mean for the story that George is telling him (where they are going to live) or it could be for the killing.
“We’ll have a cow”….”maybe a pig an’ chickens” this all an imaginary place that is meant to be Lennie’s after life in a way. George is letting Lennie’s last thoughts be about what he loves.
After George is certain that Lennie is content he “looked down at the gun”. George is contemplating shooting Lennie and deciding the right time. “Gonna do it soon” again Lennie has made a cross subject re-mark applying to both the shooting and the place that George is talking about. George is getting Lennie ready for his death as he says “that’s the thing I want you to know”.
“Le’s do it now. Le’s get that place now”. “Sure right now”. Lennie is referring to the pace that George has described but George has described so it sounds really good and how you get there is by dying.

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