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Of Oil Separator Operation Security Considerations

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Zhengzhou forrest co., LTD. Is a collection of product research and development, production, sales as one of the high-tech machinery and equipment manufacturers.The company is committed to grain and oil machinery research and development of high quality products and company to manufacture its own development and production of a new generation of centrifugal sludge separation equipment, is currently the country for the rural oil market of high-tech products, the only USES the centrifugal force me forrest company in 96 to introduce a new generation of oil press, palm oil plantoil filter high degree of automation, automatic temperature control of hot press process and high pressure vacuum filtering system, oil machinery is advanced on the market at present.
In order to ensure the security of the use of horizontal oil separator, please pay attention to the following safety issues:
1 horizontal oil separator before installation should be checked out, see if ...view middle of the document...

5 shall not be arbitrarily demolition of horizontal oil separator security guard safety protection device, safety protection device failure, once damaged, should be timely repair downtime.
6 shall not be arbitrarily dismantled, change parts or increase the accessory device, to ensure the integrity of the horizontal oil separator.bucket elevator
7 May not arbitrarily increase the horizontal oil separator running speed (maximum speed limit will be subject to the provisions of this specification), so as to avoid horizontal oil separator overspeed.
8 May not arbitrarily change the horizontal oil separator intended use, in order to avoid material adverse change, such as density, corrosion medium, working condition, influence the safe operation of horizontal oil separator.
9 should specify the horizontal diesel separator technology trained and fully familiar with the horizontal oil separator safety operation rules and safety precautions of staff, maintain the horizontal oil separator.
10 operators should be familiar with the master of the horizontal oil separator and operating procedures, such as car, parking and emergency parking should strictly abide by the safety operation rules, shall not be barbaric operation.
11 don't allow in horizontal oil separator operation state, hand or limbs, or any object such as contact with the spatula horizontal diesel separator the rotating parts.
12 are not allowed in the horizontal oil separator running condition, adjust horizontal oil separator, maintenance and troubleshooting.When adjustment, maintenance and troubleshooting must first stop and take the necessary safety protection measures.
13 to horizontal diesel separator for daily maintenance and check regularly, to ensure the function of horizontal oil separator and important components and safe protection devices keep in normal working condition.
14 horizontal oil separator drum, main shaft rotational parts and other important parts wear, obvious imbalance or rotating parts, should be timely replacement or repair, on the surface and may not arbitrarily adopt repair welding such as unsafe emergency measures.Rice bran oil dewaxing
15 drum and other rotating parts repair welding repair and balance correction, must to be equipped with the appropriate legal qualification of the manufacturer.

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