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Offer, Acceptance, Invitation To Treat Essay

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Qn1 How would you characterize Gore’s organizational structure using terms from this chapter? For example, is it mechanistic or organic? How might this structure influence Gore’s strategy?

1) elaborate characteristics if it is a organic structure, 2)also likely to be matrix structure under the common organizational designs, 3)Looks like The team structure and boundaryless organization under the New Design options also can fit in)

For many companies, there would always be a permanent organisational structure designed to help them to perform repetitive business processes, to which they will practice on upon sourcing the most suitable one.

For most part, organisational objectives ...view middle of the document...

1b) An organization’s structure is a means to help management achieve its objectives. Because objectives are derived from the organization’s overall strategy, it’s only logical that strategy and structure should be closely linked. More specifically, structure should follow strategy. If management makes a significant change in its organization’s strategy, the structure will need to be modified to accommodate and support this change.

Most current strategy frameworks focus on three strategy dimensions – innovation, cost minimization- and the structural design that works best with each.

Here, Gore’s strategy is more to an innovation strategy which emphasize the introduction of major new products and services. An innovation strategy means a strategy for meaningful and unique innovations eg. 3M, Sony. The structural option that best matches this strategy of innovation will be organic structure Innovators need the flexibility of the organic structure.

Qn2 Considering what you know individual difference such as personality, what types of employees might respond more or less favorably to Gore’s lack of hierarchy?
(Did I answer the question?)

A review of the evidence linking organizational structures to employee performance and satisfaction leads to a pretty clear conclusion-Not everyone prefers the freedom and flexibility of organic structures. Some people are most productive and satisfied when work tasks are standardized and ambiguity is minimized- that is, in mechanistic structures. So any discussion of the effect of organizational design on employee behavior has to address individual differences.

Based on Gore’s organic model, The structure is flat, uses cross-hierarchical and cross –functional teams, low formalization, comprehensive information network, and high participation in decision making(decentalization).

Work specialization contributes to higher employee productivity but at the price of reduced job satisfaction. However, this statement ignores individual differences and the type of job tasks people do. Some individuals want work that makes minimal intellectual demands and provides the security of routine. For these people, high work specialization is a source of job satisfaction. We might conclude that negative behavioral outcomes from high specialization are most likely to surface in professional jobs occupied by individuals with high needs for personal growth and diversity.
Where formalization is low, employees have a great deal of freedom to exercise discretion in their work. Because an individual’s discretion on the job is inversely related to the amount of behavior in that job that is preprogrammed by the organization, the greater the standardization, the less input the employee has into how the work is to be done
There is no evidence to support a relationship between span of control and employee performance. Although it is intuitively attractive to argue that large spans might lead to higher...

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