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Office Depot Leads In Green Essay

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Case Study: Office Depot Leads in Green
Hallie Lickteig

Case Study: Office Depot Leads in Green
Environmental Stewardship
Office Depot was one of the first chain stores of its kind to offer transparency of their green goals. For the most part they have stood p to what they aimed, implementing drastic measures to both the way they do business and the products sold. They have met their first goal of giving preference to post-consumer waste products and accomplished their second goal of increasing the scope of recycled products by “launching their Green Book in 2003 and have increased the product categories and green attributes in the book every year since then” (Office Depot). They ...view middle of the document...

” (Office Depot) This is in line with their seventh and eighth goal, which states they will not knowingly do business with or extend preferred status to companies who use genetic trees to reforest. Overall Office Depot’s environmental stewardship policy exceeds their stated goals even if they are not directly meeting every one of them. Their programs focus on garnering green products, changing the way they interact with outside suppliers, and even reducing energy costs across the board. The company has implemented several policies applying to their main goals taking most of them past what the goals initially stated. The program is very well rounded and thus a success.
Promoting Positive Activities
Based on my analysis from the first question, I find that though their green initiatives are very strong Office Depot fails to make their customers aware of their policies. On their flagship website, customers find no mention of a heading for green products and the company’s initiatives are buried underneath tons of information with only a tiny heading at the very bottom of the page. Likewise, when people search for products in the companies ecommerce structure few products come up and there is no grouping of green products together for easier shopping interface. In fact, with a glance at the company’s Global Environmental Strategy brochure, we find out that Office Depot has split off their green products to a completely separate website with no link thorough between the two. To make customers more aware they should create a green heading that links through to their separate site and have the search catalog products from both sites on
Auditing Evaluation
“Overall, Office Depot's corporate environmental performance related to the use of environmentally preferable paper was three times that of its customers, demonstrating that the retailer leads the market in the use of environmentally preferable office papers.” (Office Depot Releases Industry's First Independently Audited Environmental Stewardship Report, 2004) For this reason, I find that the PricewaterhouseCoopers’ audit did have some effect on my evaluation. The audit concluded that although the company’s implementation percentages are low they still doubled the number each year by half. Most companies who develop these initiatives are slow to implement and are only dedicated to a point. You can see through the audit that Office Depot is looking to change the way they do business quickly. Between 2004 and 2009, Office depot has gone from less...

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