Officer Selection & Training Process Paper

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Officer Selection and Training Process
Denise J. Smith
Fundamentals of Policing CJS/210
November 13, 2011
Lisa B. Uva, J.D., M.A.

Officer Selection and Training Process
Officer Selection and Training Process is a stringently organized way of selecting the best applicants that would drive themselves to excel throughout the process of becoming a police officer. Then once initially achieved, that these candidates continue to keep themselves growing throughout their careers as officers of the law.
Application Process
When the candidate is filling out the initial application, they need to complete it ...view middle of the document...

Civil or Criminal suits, credit score and history, educational degrees and certificates along with the dates of when they were achieved. Driving history (DUI’s, Speeding etc.), previous employment records, financial status, interviews with neighbors and possibly home visits.
The reasoning for being so thorough with the background checks is obvious; because this candidate is going to be a reflection of the police force, but it is also so stringent in order to eliminate any possibility of overlooking any criminal histories, in addition to staying fair and stopping any biases against the candidate. It cuts the possibility of corruption within the force from possibly factoring.
Oral Board Interview - this is administered by a panel of 4 or 5 present and retired police officers. Depending on the state or the panel, the interview may take as short of time as 45 minutes to as long as an hour or so. This part of the testing is crucial, because this where the candidate is grilled about what was found on their background check and what was actually written on the candidates initial application. The panel will ask questions to shows the candidate’s views on certain scenarios-this is to detect any arrogance, patience, compassion, passiveness, communication skills, appearances, the ability to think quickly, or any traces of racism or the inability to listen or follow directions.

Predicting a Good Police Officer
No matter how many tests are administered or passed by individual police candidates, the bottom line is the actual character and moral beliefs they hold true within themselves. If the candidate is generally a warm, compassionate person that donates their time to charity work, not afraid to communicate with people, good family man/woman, smart, intutative and above all, honest about themselves and with others, then chances are, they are a good candidate that will turn out to be a superior police officer.
But in 1957 a study had been conducted on 1608 police officers in New York City by Bernard Cohen and Jan M. Chaiken from The National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. (Cohen. B and Chaiken, J.M, 1973).
Out of thirty three background characteristics that included military record, family history, IQ, marital status, etc. At the end the only score that pertained to good job performance were the officers official performance records, otherwise it was concluded that it is not possible to predict which individuals will become good officers solely based on their background checks.
The Police Academy
Once a candidate has found to have passed all...

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