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Oh Happy Day Essay

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Oh Happy Day
Phillip Andrews

I walked in the tutoring center on Thursday June 16, 2011, at 12:30p m before math class. I had mixed emotions as I entered the school. My mind was wondering like should I go get help or don’t worry about it. As I turn around the corner heading towards the room I was feeling good about getting help. I sign in at the computer, and one of the tutor named Tony Williams, came over and ask “How may I help you”? Yes, I said, at first I was thinking that he must be smart by the way he looked with glasses and tight clothes on. As I sat down at the table, I notice it was not a lot of people in the center to get help. I ask him “Do a lot of people come get help? “ He replied, not right now because it is still early in the summer semester. “He asked what do I need help with?” I said math class, and pull my book out, my book bag, and showed him the chapter I need help understanding. He looked at the math and said no problem. ...view middle of the document...

For some strange reason a problem like this -3+4=1 would give me trouble. Tony told me to look at it this way draw a number line and put the numbers that are on my problem on the line. He asked me do I know how to draw a number line? I told him no and he showed me how to do one. Start from zero and count to the positive number until you get to the number you are looking for. Then count back that many spaces until you get to the negative number. I drew out the line on the dry erase table that have in the center which are so nice.

I want to get one for my house to have it makes learning a lot of fun. So after doing the number line I saw a different way of finding the answer. Tony wrote down some more problems to see if I understand how to do the math. At first I was still having trouble but after doing them over and over it was easy. Tony said it looks like you got it now. Do you need any more help with anything else? I said yes I do multiplying positive and negative numbers and dividing numbers too. Okay he said lets get it I turned to the pages in the book and show him some problems. He started to explain the rules of what you do when you have to multiply. When the numbers have same different signs the answer will be negative. And when they have the same sign the answer will be positive. I was like that is it and he said yes that is it. It works for both dividing and multiplying. I was like wow that easy it can’t be let me do some problems. And it was really that easy no problem doing these problem.

Once done with a couple more problems I felt good doing the math we just went over. But before I was to walk out the door we did a quick quiz. I had no trouble and he was very impressive with the result of the quiz. By this time inside of me was a good feeling about walking out and going to class. A smile came upon my face like a kid in the toy store. I told him I am done with needing help with the math and thank you for taking the time out to help me. He said no problem and anytime I need help just come back. I put my book back in the bag and the sun was still shining bright. I got up and shook his hand and walk over to the computer sign out and walked out. As I am walking to class I was thinking that was not bad and I will be back if I ever need help with any subject.

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