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Oh When The Saints Essay

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Baddeley and Hitch’s working memory model suggest that short term memory isn’t a single system but rather an alliance of several temporary memory systems working together. The components of the working memory are, the central executive, phonological loop, visuo-spatial sketch pad (VSS) and the episodic buffer. Each part plays a vital role.
In order for the WMM to work there must be some input which enters your sensory memory. The capacity is very large. The duration for sensory memory is very short up to 2 seconds. If the information receives no attention it gets lost through decay. However if I does get attention it goes into the central executive. The central executive is the key ...view middle of the document...

It has been suggested that the visuo-spatial sketchpad can be divided into visual cache and inner scribe which deals with spatial relations.
The third and final slave system is the episodic buffer. The buffer was added by Baddeley in 2000 because he had realised the model needed a general store. The phonological loop and visuo-spatial sketchpad deal with processing and temporary storage of specific kind of information. The central executive has no storage capacity so there is nowhere to hold information that relates to both visual and acoustic information. The episodic buffer much like all of the working memory units has limited capacity. Its job is to integrate information from the central executive, the phonological loop, the visual-spatial sketchpad and also from the long term memory.

Some of the key evidence for the working memory model come from case studies of individuals who have suffered serious brain damage. There are a number of problems with using this. Firstly it doesn’t let the researches make a before and after observation to see if their findings are caused...

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