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Oh Yeah Baby Essay

1594 words - 7 pages

I. Heading

The Last Apprentice: Night of the Soul Stealer
Delaney, Joseph
Publishing Date: 2007

II. Biographical Information

Joseph Delaney’s writing career began after releasing a science fiction book, written under the pen-name of J.K. Haderack. Releases after that were written under his real name, which were mainly based upon actual experiences and memories from his childhood. Delaney continued to write books, primarily for young adult readers.
Joseph Delaney is a retired English teacher living in Lancashire, England. He has three children and seven grandchildren. He lives in boggart territory. His village even has a boggart called the Hall Knocker, which was laid to ...view middle of the document...

His fascination with the supernatural grew to a point where he came up with his own ideas and began a series about hunting the supernatural beings that disturbed the mainland.

IV. Genre

· Supernatural Fiction
· The Spook and his apprentice, Thomas Ward, rid the local villages of evil.

V. Setting

The story takes place in the town of Angelzarke. It is late October, and they set off for the Spook’s winter house.
Joseph Delaney based the “County,” as written about in the books, on Lancashire in the North of England. Other main locations in these books are also largely based on those known to Delaney. For example, the town of Priestown is based on Preston, where Delaney was born, Lancaster is known to be the influence of Caster, Blackpool is changed to the Black Pool, and Chipping is Chipenden.

VI. Title and Epigraph

The title Night of the Soul Stealer is significant in that

VII. Point of View

The story is told as a first person narrative through the eyes of the main character, Thomas J. Ward. He shares his most inner thoughts to the readers about his hopes and fears of whatever is to come next.

VIII. Main Characters

· Thomas Ward-is the seventh son of a seventh son. There are many legends that state that such a person is able to predict the future and have the ability of healing. Twenty-nine others have gone before Tom to try and take on the role of the Spook’s apprentice, a man who rids local villages of witches, boggarts, and other types of evil.

· Alice-a girl with green eyes and pointy shoes, two aspects of a woman the Spook repeatedly warns Tom about. Alice is related to one of the most evil witch clans known. Although Alice is Thomas’s closest friend, he still can not decide whether she is good or whether she is evil. Because Alice was raised a witch, she has many skills in witchcraft. Thomas finds ways to make try and make himself believe that Alice is good. One example is the fact that she forced against her will to learn witchcraft. Another thing Thomas notices is Alice has a great knowledge of healing remodies. The Spook does not trust Alice at all, but he tries to be reasonable with Tom about keeping her around just a little longer. It still is not clear whether anyone can really trust Alice.

· The Spook-a tall man in a hooded cloak who walks around carrying his tall wooden staff. The Spook is a seventh son of a seventh son, one of the few requirements in becoming a spook. The Spook has very few friends due to his unsociable job. His real name is John Gregory, but few people actually know him by that name. For almost sixty years, he has been the village spook,

· Golgoth- one of the Old Gods. Its name means “The Lord of Winter.” It began as a powerful elemental force that loved the cold, a spirit of nature that gradually grew in consciousness. Golgoth drew power from being worshipped and became willfull. He stayed too long after winter had passed; some believe this...

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