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Old Testament Essay

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The History of Joseph, Jacob’s Favored Son
God made a covenant with Abraham that his descendants would be a great nation and blessed him with Isaac. Isaac had two sons named Esau, the eldest and Jacob. Jacob has to leave home to hide from his brother Esau because Jacob tricked their father into giving him the blessing that was intended for the eldest. Jacob ran to Haran to stay with relative, Laban, to avoid the anger of Esau. While there he falls in love with Rachel, Laban’s youngest daughter and asks for her hand in marriage. Laban agrees that if Jacob will agree to stay and work for seven years he may have Rachel’s hand. Laban does not keep his promise he replaces Rachel ...view middle of the document...

He shares this information with his family and his brothers are driven over the edge. The brothers originally plan to kill him but the eldest Rueben and the fourth Judah do not wish him dead. They suggest that he be sold into slavery with the Ishmaelites instead. They take Joseph’s “coat of many colors” and soak it in animal blood to make it appear he was attacked and killed by a wild animal. Jacob is crushed and mourns for a long time.
Joseph Exiled
Joseph finds himself owned by Potiphar, an officer of the guard and head of the Pharoh household. Potiphar really likes Joseph and soon he is running the Pharoh household himself. Potiphar’s wife takes an interest in Joseph and begins to make advances on him. Joseph refuses to accept her invitations and for revenge she accuses him of attacking her. He is sent to prison and spends the next few years out of favor.
Joseph Imprisoned
Joseph interprets the dreams of the Pharoh’s butler and baker, who are also being held prisoner. He predicts that in three days time the butler will be returned to his position and that the baker will be killed and when both of these predictions come true Joseph asks the butler to tell the Pharoh about him (Schoenberg). Two years later when the Pharoh has a dream that cannot be interpreted the butler remembers Joseph and suggests him to the Pharoh. Joseph predicts that the dream means that seven years of plenty are coming to be followed by seven years of famine (Schoenberg). The Pharoh appoints Joseph to be manager over food production and preparation for the seven lean years. Joseph does such an exemplary job that he rises in power inside the Pharoh’s home (Banstra, 2009).
Family Reunited
Joseph begins a family of his own and he has two sons named Ephriam and Manasseh (Banstra, 2009). His life is content and plentiful without a lot of thought about his past. One day a group of his brothers appear in front of him to obtain grain for their family, as Jacob’s family is suffering under the famine. Joseph recognizes them but they do not recognize him. He accuses them of being spies and has them detained and interrogated. His brothers make reference to his younger brother Benjamin and he gives them grain under the condition that one of them remain with him and the others return to bring Benjamin back to confirm their story. Jacob refuses to allow Benjamin to return with them at first for fear of losing him, but when...

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