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Olympics Of Ancient Greece Vs Modern Olympics

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The Olympic Games were found by Heracles, a Zeus’ son, even though the first with written records was held in 776 BCE. In this particular recorded first Olympic Games, Coroebus who was a cook from Elis won the sole event at the stade; which was approximately 192 meters run. He did this while naked and he was the first Olympic champion in history. The games continued to be played every four years for about 1200 years. The games were later abolished in 393 CE, by the Roman emperor named Theodosius I, who was a Christian, on the claim that the game had pagan influences. About 1500 years later, Pierre de Coubertin, a young Frenchman began the ...view middle of the document...

Both were held after four years. In both, the winner gets an award that is not in monetary form. In both, athletes swear to play fairly.
In ancient Olympic Games, the opening ceremonies were different to that of modern day. In the ancient, Festival of Heraia, Zeus wife was held. The festival was simple and continued throughout the games. In modern day Olympic opening ceremony, big ceremonies marked with famous performing artists singing and dancing, fireworks being lit and amazing costumes worn are seen. The ceremonies are also a commercial platform for organizations to market their brands.
The sport of boxing, added in the 23rd Olympic Games, was very different to that of modern day. The competitors wore leather strips about their palms. It took place in open space and the fighters were not categorized in their weights. The punches were aimed for the body and there were no rounds as they were to fight until one fighter couldn’t fight back. A climax was asked for by the judge incase the fight continued for a long period. This was to bring a faster end to the match. At such time, punches were exchanged and the defender couldn’t protect himself. “Soon weight divisions, international championships and regulated point scoring systems would be introduced” (Spivey 29). What is still same is that in both, it’s a one on one competition with a judge overseeing the bout.
Even though the modern wrestling is as a result of evolving of the original Greek sport that of today is much different. In the ancient wrestling, two forms existed. There was the upright wrestling during which the combatants stood upright and the winner was the one who threw the other down to earth. It displayed skill rather than force. A loser was the one whose knees, shoulders or back touched the ground. The similarity with modern day wrestling is that illegal moves such as arm twisting or hitting weren’t allowed.
In the ancient games, the athletes trained for a period of ten months and a ten member crew assessed them. In modern games, the athletes train throughout their athlete’s lives and drug tests are taken before the competition commence.
The difference that exists is that in the ancient Greek Olympics, only ten sports that consisted of four running races, pentathlon, equestrian racing, wrestling, boxing, pancratium and chariot races were present but in present day Olympics, there are more;triathlon,fencing,volleyball,gymnastics and many more apart from panctratium and chariot races which have been excluded. In pancration; a combination of boxing and wrestling, there were hardly any rules in the fight. Dislocating the opponents’ joints, gouging of the eyes and biting were allowed. Some athletes...

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