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On Discovering Myself Essay

591 words - 3 pages

Republika ng Pilipinas
Kagawaran ng Edukasyon
TP 2011-2012
Taon at Pangkat: II- 6
GurongTagapayo: ANA JOBELL E. TANCO
Punongguro: Dr. MARIO A. NAUNGAYAN
Mag-aaral | Katayuan Batay saPaunang Pagsusulit(Pre-Test/ Phil-IRI/ PAKPP) | Ikatlong KwarterHulyo- Septyembre | Ikaapat na KwarterOktubre- Disyembre | UnangKwarterEnero-Marso |
Lalaki | | | | |
Abawag, John Carlo C. | | | | |
Alabat, May Jhon C. | | | | |
Alvarez, Marko Lauro S. | | | | |
Andutan, Arnel P. | | | | |
Ballesteros, Stivene M. | | | | |
Bandilla, Jay-ar R. | | | | |
Cardinal, Leonardo G. | | | | |
...view middle of the document...

| | | | |
Llorera, Ana | | | | |
Maban, Diane Angel | | | | |
Marcos, Frincel | | | | |
Margate, Jecel I. | | | | |
Morales, Mary Jean M. | | | | |
Nueva, Charity Mae | | | | |
Pogio, Mery Grace S. | | | | |
Queller, Danice M. | | | | |
Rivera, Justine R. | | | | |
San Andres, Ariana D. | | | | |
Tinagan, Elle Reizha Marie | | | | |
Valerio, Desserie C. | | | | |
Villafane, Mae Francine B. | | | | |
[Buod (Summary)Kabuuang Bilang ngMag-aaralayon sa Antas ng PagbasaTOTAL= | Bilang ___11___ ___40____ ____4___ ____0___ ___0__55
| Bilang ___0____ ___23___ ___29___ ____3___ ____0___55
| Bilang ___0____ ___23____ ___21___ ___8___ ___2___ 54
| Bilang ___0____ ___8____ ___0___ ___31___ ___15__ |

Non- Decoder- Di Makalikha Instructional
Syllabic- Word Reader Independent
Sentence Read
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Division of Antipolo City
TP 2011-2012

Grade and Section: II- 6
Pupils | (Pre-Test/ Phil-IRI/ PAKPP) | Third QuarterJuly - September | Fourth QuarterOctober - December | First Quarter January –March |
Boys: | | | | |
Abawag, John Carlo C. | | | | |
Alabat, May Jhon C. | | | | |
Alvarez, Marko Lauro S. | | | | |
Andutan, Arnel P. | | | | |
Ballesteros, Stivene M. | | | | |
Bandilla, Jay-ar R. | | | | |
Cardinal, Leonardo G. | | | | |
Castillo, Jhon Justine E. | | | | |
Cruz, Henson T. | | | | |
Estrella, James | | | | |
Gabuay, Mark Allen | | | | |
Garcia, Racel D. | | | | |
Goyon, John Paul C. | | | | |
Juanitas, Ritchie S. | | | | |
Macinas, Christian J. | | ...

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