On Frost's Window Tree Essay

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On Robert Frost’s “Tree at My Window”
Jack Kang
Robert Frost is American’s leading pastoral poet with lots of famous poems such as “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening”, “The road not taken ”, “The span of life” and “Mending wall”. He demonstrated in his verse that nature is man’s most revealing mirror and the clearest window into human personality. That conviction led him to explore the darkest force of both nature and humanity. Here we’d like to talk about one of his poems “Tree At My Window”. In order to fully understand his poetry, the idea of pastoral proves useful. Not all the nature poetry is considered as pastorals in any strict sense, ...view middle of the document...

Calling the tree a "window tree," might also suggest that this tree is something he sees through, perhaps to some higher truth, to something beyond the mere physical presence of the tree.
As night approaches, the "sash" or movable portion of the window is lowered, perhaps to prevent the air, cooled from lack of the sun's warmth, from entering the house. The poet continues, "But let there never be curtain drawn between you and me." Literally, this statement could imply that he does not want a drape to cover the window between them. A sense of foreboding arises if one looks at additional definitions. In the poem, “tree” indicates nature. “I” lowered the sash but did not draw the curtain, showing that the mysterious nature has its own attraction that “I” can’t resist. “I” really want to embrace nature and forget all about the reality. The contrast between man and nature is the theme of Frost’s poetry. As we all know, Frost suffered a lot from his family disasters. In 1934 his youngest and best loved child, Marjorie , died a slow death from the puerperal fever contracted after giving birth to her first child ; in 1938 his wife Elinor died suddenly of a heart attack , then , when he seemed to be pulling things together once more , his son Carol committed suicide in 1940. Another daughter, Irma, suffered from mental disorders and was finally institutionalized. His personal tragedies may have something to do with his attitude towards society and the reality. He has to take shelter in nature, which he regards as kind of a spiritual garden.
However, “I” have a “dream-head”. Man can’t live out of the society. Frost also wants to get fame by writing poems. Although he dislikes the industrial culture, he can’t hide his attempts to be famous by getting his poetry published. That’s why he moved his family from the U.S.A to the UK in 1912. However he was frequently refused by publishers, so “Not all your light tongues talking aloud could be profound”.
In the poem, “slept” implies “stop” or “give up”. Actually Frost...

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