On "Iron Laws" Of Economics Essay

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On "Iron Laws" of Economics

ABSTRACT: 1. A strong interest shown by modern society to the sphere of economic attitudes, and connected to it the growing authority of the economists. - 2. Perception about the "iron" laws of economics as highest criteria of economic activity and life in general (economic fatalism). - 3. An exploration of the most widespread motives of housekeeping: struggle for a survival, earning one's "life", earning on "the black day". - 4. Logical "circumvention" of all these motives confirmed by the daily facts. - 5. Managing for the sake of managing - professions for amateurs. - 6. Narrowing the sphere of action of the economic "laws" from "all" to "wishing". - 7. ...view middle of the document...

The well-known "market attitudes" have penetrated into practically every, sphere of our life, even most intimate. The leading economists, beginning from Marx and ending with the present "liberals", habitually incur the role of critics and prophets, predicting the possible and even the certain future. In their own declarations, they have the right to do it, because of a vast knowledge of the nature of economics.

"Economics has it's own special, immutable, iron laws, which no one can violate with impunity. Our task is - to study it carefully (through an economic science) and try to follow it all the time". These calls, metamorphosing sometimes into exorcism, are often forced upon us. Some even compare economic laws on power to the natural laws- such, say, as the law of world gravitation (which all are obliged to follow); and on clarity to the table of multiplication.

All of it, together with the aggravated economic concern, has resulted in an occurrence of the original worldview - economic fatalism, which by it's popularity can be compared only with the astrological fatalism.

I believe, that economic fatalism (as any fatalism) does not, by any means, promote normal development of the economic sphere, and consequently, I consider it my obligation to convert it into a subject of critical research.

It is doubtless, that within the basis of all economic life lays the simple, and apparently, really "iron" principle: the economy (housekeeping) is necessary for survival. But even here there is something to muse upon. It is no secret that the instinct for survival (under any conditions) is, by no means, characteristic to all. There were, and are, people who prefer a proud death to a base vegetative existance by any means. It would be too hasty to announce them from the doorstep as abnormal and sick. For this it is necessary, at least at first, to comprehend in a general way the blind instinct of survival (why survive?), to make from this instinct a rational principle, which is not too easy. Moreover, the word "survival" itself can be understood differently: some have only in view not dying from cold and hunger, others - to preserve the status quo, that is, to not lose the obtained positions, which sometimes can be rather high.

Concerning "cold and hunger", it is necessary to note, that in many advanced countries there is a special sort of citizens, which haven't any economy at all (in the habitual sense), going about from one flophouse to another, from one soup line to another, and selecting clothing for themselves in a rubbish heap. This fact (sad in itself) testifies, however, that with the existence of a well developed charitable system, housekeeping for the physical survival of the individuals is absolutely not necessary. The people voluntarily engaged in an economy, are quite able to very poorly dress and feed their less lucky co-citizens. Generally speaking, the "economical" resources of the human organism are really inexhaustible. A...

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