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On Pale Green Walls Essay

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On Pale Green Walls
B: Analysis and interpretation of ”On Pale Green Walls”
Word count: 969
Clare Wigfall’s short story”On Pale Green Walls” explores some of the most important aspects of growing up as a child. It explores concepts such as the curiosity of a child and the relationship between adult and child, the importance of there being a good understanding between the two, and the jealousy and misunderstandings that come as a result of a bad relationship. Life is harsh and full of disappointments, especially growing up as a child while being neglected by your parents. The mute protagonist of the story, Violet, is forced to realise this at a very early age. We follow Violet through this ...view middle of the document...

This is highly useful since it gives the reader direct insight into the thoughts and experiences of Violet. The reader gains direct insight into Violet’s strained relationship with her parents. Violet is a very young and imaginative child who likes to play games like not treading on the cracks in the pavement, drawing weird pictures or picking up random objects. Violet is naturally curious about everything around her since every experience is a new one for her. This is all much to the dismay of her parents who try to rigorously teach her the proper etiquette of society, but constantly being baffled by her seemingly random and disobedient actions. Her mother is constantly trying to correct her behaviour “[...] mother was irritable and kept grabbing my sleeve.” But without properly explaining why she must not behave like she does. This miscommunication is the root of the problems in their relationship. Meanwhile her father seems indifferent “[…] My father was sitting in his chair hidden behind his paper.” Just leaving her be while reading his newspaper. This strained relationship between parent and child is unhealthy as there is a lack of communication and understanding. Her mother never fully comprehending that by destroying the picture of the baby Jesus she isn’t committing sacrilege but expressing her loneliness and neglect. The relationship between parent and child is thus the central theme of the story. The story explores the unhealthy relationship between parent and child.

The bad relationship between Violet and her parents stems from the fact that the parents never devote their full attention to Violet. Violet is at an age where she needs encouragement and attention above all else. But instead her parents just get angry at her every time she does something to offend them. “[...] my mother tugged me back to her side with an irritated, “Violet”” It is also because of this that she looks up...

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