On The Offensive Essay

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On The Offensive

Khalan Howell

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On The Offensive
The World and everyone in it has the ability to send and receive information throughout cyberspace. Changes in the network, along with the ability to access information are forever increasing. This can cause malicious behavior to increase as access becomes easier for individuals everywhere. All over the world there are reports of data being stolen, networks being disrupted, and phishing scams that are being executed. As citizens we are familiar with using the internet in our everyday lives but are we prepared to defend our personal information from those criminals who wander the internet everyday ...view middle of the document...

The Pentagon’s new strategy involves the protection of the military contractors, saying they are trying to move from only defending major cyber-attacks to deterring cyber-attacks by showing their enemies that they are “willing to retaliate”. This is not how things should be done. Other countries or adversaries are hacking the U.S. more and more and for what? Is it because they want to point out our vulnerabilities? Whatever the cause may be the solution is simple. We need to work together with other countries in order to form a certain standard necessary for our networks to be safe (Gorman, 2011).
In recent years, cyberwar attacks and the significant threat they inflict have grown in elegance, from more of a low level attack like data theft (the majority of cyberwar attacks), to high-level attacks of espionage. Whether small or large, the concern continues to grow, leaving questions unanswered. The United States has begun to address and investigate defensive capabilities that will help bulk-up the resiliency of the States critical infrastructure networks to those cyber-attacks both big and small. It makes sense that if our critical infrastructures are more difficult to infiltrate, then adversaries and criminals will become less likely to attack or target them. Also, talk of global integration of our information network systems has received positive affirmation, making it far less likely that States will want to attack other States networks because the economic crisis would be too significant for almost all countries involved. Even while technologies shift and change, the goals involved in deterring cyber-attacks remain the same and that is to reshape what the enemy thinks (Friedman, 2014).
The United States, along with several other states have begun to talk about the formation of an internet standard known as the “cyberspace norms”. We definitely behind other countries and have only just began to discuss this formation. Others such as the United Kingdom have held many meetings where they discussed cyber norms and in the London Conference of 2011, five topics were the main focus: economic growth and development, social...

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