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On Your Own Essay

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Name: Lisa Rodriquez
Week 1 On Your Own for 092

Directions: After reading the assigned passage, apply the five active reading strategies by filling in your answers in the boxes for each passage below. Please spell check and proofread your work. Follow course instructions for submission.

Reading #1: “The lie behind those gloomy national polls” by Michael Medved of USA Today. Source: The Week, October 19, 2007

Ask Americans how they feel about the world, said Michael Medved, and they wind up with a paradox. By staggering majorities, people tell pollsters that they disapprove of both Congress and the President, and two out of three say the US is headed “in the wrong ...view middle of the document...

Answer: I predict this passage is going to be about the opinions of Americans on how they feel about the world. |

Questioning |
As you read the paragraph: 1. Do you find anything confusing, or that you wonder about? 2. Are there words you don’t know? What are they? 3. Is a sentence confusing? Which sentence or sentences? |
Answers: 1.) I’m wonder why the poll found most Americans satisfied with their lives when most of them feel that the “world is going in the wrong direction” 2.) I’m not sure what the word “prevailing” means. 3.) The 10 sentence is the most confusing to me ‘Self-serving politicians add to the “prevailing gloom” by emphasizing problems and exaggerating threats. |

Making Connections |
As you read the paragraph: 1. Can you make connections to anything you read about in the passage? 2. Do you remember feeling the same way? 3. What happened? |
Answers: 1.) The only connection I can make is my experience of asking a few friends on what they thought of the world in which they all answered “very unhappy on where this world is leading to” 2.) I to am very unhappy because I know this world is never going to change; there is always going to be rape, murder, and robberies. 3.) I really can’t do much about it because I know it can’t take one person to change the world. |

Visualizing |
What can you see, or visualize as you read? |
Answer: I can visualize all these crimes being performed while Americans are answering polls on how satisfied they are with their lives. |

Summarizing |
As you read the paragraph: 1. Write a summary of the paragraph. 2. Develop one or two sentences that describe what you read about in the paragraph. |
Answers: 1.) To summarize, the passage is about Americans who feel the “world is going in the wrong direction”, yet when it comes to answering polls, they are all very well satisfied. 2.) I read that many Americans lie on polls on how they really feel about a certain subject. While high crimes are being committed, Americans are saying how great their lives are. |

Reading #2: Dieters Take Note
Source: (Oct. 2007)

Eating out can sabotage your...

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