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Once Upon A Quinceanera Essay

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La quinceañera (Quince) is a ritual by Latinos that introduces a young girl on her fifteenth birthday into the ages of a young lady and introduces her into the passage into woman-hood. She is taught how to cook, clean, weave and take care of her household; she is also expected to get married and have children; or like in some countries become nuns. The tradition has come a long way into the Hispanic community and other communities as well, it has become a huge celebration, a religion process and the creation of new communities and their coming together. These events helps our families stay closer, it helps how to take on responsibilities and help the consumerism of 2015. La ...view middle of the document...

Alvarez speaks with Isabella Well founder of one-stop Quinceañera website, they talk about what these young ladies will be facing, what the statistics are, what is expected of them, and what the turn out will be in some cases. Isabella Well goes on to tell Alvarez what her Quinceañera did for her, and how she turned out to be “a smart, resourceful, independent woman”.(49) Isabella tries to give as much advice to these young girls when they go on to her website and read her column.
One of the professional she speaks to is Will Cain who coins the term “retroculturation”. (56) He describes this newly developed phenomenon as the up and coming generation of Latino girls rediscovering their heritage and their passage into becoming a young woman. Unlike the generation before them, they live on and shop at Abercrombie, they listen to Spanish radio and embrace diversity”. (56) They celebrate their ethnic, identity and combine it with teen culture. The previous generation forgot about the Quinceañera rituals and customs considering they had just came into the country their focus was “The American Dream”.

With this new generation of Latino girls we see more of the Hispanic consumer. In Alvarez essay she describes her experience with families as...

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