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Once Upon A Shop Essay

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The essay ”Once Upon a Shop” is written by Jeanette Winterson in 2010. Winterson opened up a little a little store called Verde in Spitalfields. The author Jeanette Winterson had been offered to sell her building to a big coffee company, but she rejected the offer because of wrong politics. Winterson used to live in London, but moved to Spitalfield to live on the countryside. The whole story is about how the big food chains like Tesco dominates the market and pushes the little shops aside. Winterson point is, that quality should be over quantity; it’s not about making a huge profit but being a human being. The world has changed since the Napoleon wars and the Irish potato crisis, but in a ...view middle of the document...

Quality over money is also one of the big themes in this text. “I was vegetarian for nine years, not because I object to eating animals, but because I object to factory farming. Long before the organic movement made it possible to easily buy humane meats and veg grown without pesticides.” That’s one of the other points in this text. We need to look at to the old days, when things were special and made by the lovely touch of a human hand, instead of a food chains factory machine. It was never her intension to open up a food shop, but the money offer from the coffee chain made her open up for new different things, and she needed to be different. And today people are afraid to stand out of the crowd; we all want to be accepted and to be the same to the guy next to us. And when you manage to stand out of the crowd, you see a different world just like Jeanette Winterson. She sees the problem with small shops fading into the history books and she wants to change that. It also leads to the title “Once Upon a shop”, maybe one day you will open up a history book and think: “Oh, I didn’t even knew such a thing even existed?”

When she opened up Verde with the American Harvey Cabaniss they changed the restored shop front back to the original. “Harvey set about installing a grand espresso machine so that you can have some coffee while your peas are being weighed. As we do...

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