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One Child Policy Essay

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One Child Policy: The Gender Epidemic
During the 1970’s under Mao Tse-tung’s ruling, China’s population was increasing toward one billion people. When he was the ruler, Mao allowed the people to have as much babies as they wanted because to him, “of all the things in the world, people are the most precious.”(Ho) Soon, the population kept rising and the government came to a conclusion that popution control is nesscesary because they fear that there won’t be enough food or resources to support the people. After Mao passed away the next leader, Deng Xioping established the One Child Policy in 1980 to limit the population growth in China. The policy strictly allow couples in China to have only ...view middle of the document...

(USA Today) China is now beginning to face the consequences of having the country filled with mostly men than women because the policy has caused an imbalanced gender ratio.
The problem begins with the preferance to have boys rather than girls. Since the policy strictly enforces that couples can only have one child, Chinese couples wants to make sure that they have a boy. In the eyes of the Chinese people, boys are more valued than girls. My grandma is part Chinese and even though she has a lot of love for all her grandchildren, everyone in the family knows that she favors the boys more than the girls. For instance, on Chinese New Years my grandma gives out money in lucky red envelopes to everyone. Every year, she gives more money to the boys than the girls. When she cooks, she would serve the boys first and when there’s an argument, she would always defend the boys. Everytime one of my aunts gets pregnant, my grandma would hope that it’s a boy. If the baby turns out to be a girl, she gets disappointed. But in the end, she would still love the baby.
Boys are more valued because they carry on the family name. Carrying on the family name is a very important Chinese tradition. My grandma has 16 grandchildren total. Out of 15 of us, there are 5 boys but only 3 have the last name “Huynh” . When we have family gatherings where all my cousins and I are together, my grandma would always make a comment on how there are only 3 boys out of 16 that will carry on the family name. The daughters will eventually get married and change their last name. Once daugthers get married, they move out and take care of the in-laws. To the Chinese people, the daughter would no longer contribute to the family because they would have other responsibilities at their new home. On the other hand, if Chinese couples have a boy, the boy would be responsible to take care of his parents once he grows up and gets a job to finacially support everyone. In China, men are known to be the leader of the family. They work to provide for the household so therefore, they get to make the decisions for everyone. If a family doesn’t have a boy or a man in their family, then that family is considered to be weak.
Aside from being males, when they are little boys, they are spoiled by their parents and their grandparents. The parents and grandparents raised the boys into “spoiled, self-centered, lazy, and selfish men.” (Hirchberg) The personality of these men will eventually affect the society of China. Because they are so use to doing what they want, these men who are selfish and self-centered wouldn’t want to follow the authorities. Instead, they would want to have control over others which is common to an idividual that favors communism.(Hirchberg)
Because the one child policy has caused an imbalanced gender ratio of more males than females, millions of Chinese men would not be able to find a wife, settle down, or start a family. It is estimated that over the next two decades, 40 million...

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