One Mans Journey To Zion Hospital

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One Man’s Journey To Zion Hospital

Human is a robust word in our society. In society some of us describe humans to be able to have the ability to know what is right and wrong, having sensible thoughts and to think deeply beyond the perceptible things in the world. Being human is to find love, communicate and find a link in-between each other. The truth is that humans are people who feel, care and love each other. In society, we fight and create diversity among us, but when it all comes to the end we are all given a chance to do something in life.
Dr.Abachu is an astonishing person. He has gifts and talents that people believe that are hard to come by. Dr. Abachu is a trauma ...view middle of the document...

So he orders a magnetic reasoning image of her chest. When Dr. Abachu gets the results back from the MRI test. He figures out that Sofia is suffering from a ripped aorta aneurysm. Which is causing her shortness of breath and chest discomfort. Dr. Abachu quickly sprinted back to Sofia’s room to tell her what she is diagnosed with. When Dr. Abachu had walked in, you could see the words scrambling out and trying to find the write order.
Sofia said “Dr. A what is the news!”
Dr. Abachu took a second and had said “Sofia your long time pain has ended you have a ripped aorta aneurysm and you need immediate surgery.”
Sofia was so cheerful because she has had chronic pain for the past 3 years
Dr. Abachu sees Charlie approaching him with a content face. Charlie tells him that he has filled out his patient report wrong. Charlie tells him that it could have caused information to be misunderstood. Dr. A apologizes to Charlie and he forgives Dr.Abachu since it’s his first day on the job. When Charlie leaves Sofia’s room.
Sofia says “when am I going into the operating room?”
“Sofia the OR is booked and you’re having surgery now.” Said Dr. Abachu.
Dr. Abachu tells her that it is a good thing you came to this hospital today because the next time you have shortness of breath or have chest pain, you can go into cardiac failure.
Sofia was told that she has a ripped aorta aneurysm and that it need’s immediate surgery. When Dr. Shepard, Reed and Boris heard about this complicated surgery they advised Sofia to pick one of them to perform the surgery. Sofia tells the doctors that she wants Dr. Abachu to do the surgery because
“I have had chronic pain for the past three years and no doctor could diagnose me. I am tired of living like this and I want this to be over.” Said Sofia.
Dr. Abachu was honoured by Sofia’s choice and he had thanked her.
When Sofia was getting prepped for surgery, she was wheeled down to the surgery room. The anesthesiologist had put Sofia...

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