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One Night Essay

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I was tossing a turning the entire night, I didn’t know what to do, I was hot, uncomfortable and in pain, I was sick again. The house was dead silent and I desperately tried to fall into slumber but the pain was unbearable. I sat up only to find my sister along with two of her friends packed like sardines on my bed, there was the answer to my physical discomfort. I worked up the strength to get up and go to my bathroom on the hunt for medicine. Suddenly, my phone vibrated, it was my friend away at boarding school in England. I spoke to her for about 10 minutes completely forgetting why I had originally gone to my bathroom to begin with. I resumed my quest and searched for painkillers but I ...view middle of the document...

My parents instantly woke up in fear; I was in front of their bedroom door and ran into their room repeatedly screaming ‘someone is in the house!’ Unfortunately my father’s reflexes were not what we had hoped for and he couldn’t find his gun, suddenly we heard a little girl’s scream – my father ran out and the alarm went off. For thirty seconds I thought the man had run down to my other sister’s room, I thought the unthinkable for 30 seconds, my mother was so worried for me she just held me while my father’s location was unknown. My sister appeared through the door and a feeling of relief overcame me, I had never been so happy to see her face. My father followed behind her and ordered us all not to move and that is exactly what we did, we sat still.
The alarm company had called but we could not find the phone, it was still a nightmare and all I could do was hold my crying little sisters. As the alarm continued to make that piercing noise my father returned to tell us the intruder had ran through the back door. Suddenly we heard footsteps and leaves rustling, my heart dropped and I was paralyzed. My father ran up to the window, held his ground, pointed and demanded to know who was there. To my relief it was the body guards from our alarm company.
The alarm had finally stopped and they checked the perimeter of the house only to realize the dog was now missing, this did not go well with two of my younger sisters. The alarm company had already informed the police to meet them at our house as soon as my mother spoke to dispatch. It was now 3:27 am and I refused to be with anyone else but my father, I was completely terrified and couldn’t believe this had happened. I couldn’t feel my legs and begged my dad not to leave me but he had to talk to the security company and look for the dog. It was now 4:37 am and still no sign of the police, needless to say my father was infuriated at how long we were waiting on them, it was safe to say the intruder had gotten too far for us to catch him.
During our own investigations we learned that the intruder had skillfully pried open one of the windows and bunched the blinds with a wire hanger contorted in order to eliminate any noise. It was now 5:03 am and two police men had finally arrived. They looked around the property then focused on the window the intruder broke in through. From their assessment the policemen assumed the man responsible was the highly skilled, infamous ‘Phantom’, apparently he had been doing this for years and the police department have yet to make any arrests. Although we anticipated that the police would ask me many questions oddly enough, they did not even look in my direction. They were at my house for no more than 35 minutes and told us not to touch the window as they would send someone later on to collect finger prints. Days and weeks passed and to this day nobody has come to our house to dust for finger prints. No follows ups have been done and since this incident a year ago my...

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