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One's Feelings Of Remorse, Sorrow And Guilt. How Can You Live With Something Like That Your Entire Life? Connected To The Reading Of Frankenstein

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RemorseIt was 15th of August, 2001- a bright, beautiful and warm day. The sun was staring with dazzling brilliancy. There were no clouds spotted in the deep blue sky. After a tiring day full of shopping for shoes, jeans and t-shirts, I was finally on my way home. I felt an excruciating pain down the leg area. Walking like a zombie I was passing the familiar offices and surf centers, noticing nothing that was happening around. My throat was dry and I urgently needed something refreshing and cold. Therefore I crossed the road and stopped by a kiosk to buy a bottle of water. After paying the cashier the price of the water I continued the long walk home. I decided the take a shortcut and go through a park which was relatively close to the place of my destination. I was about to give up when suddenly I saw a little girl who was crying bitter tears. She was about four years old, had huge emerald eyes and long blond hair. In addition the girl was ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand how could I explain to her to wait? She was just a little four year old girl who got lost! I started to look around and search for people who could help. However no one was eager to aid me. Finally I went back to my initial solution to tell the girl to sit and wait for her parents to come back. I took her hand and we slowly moved towards the bench. I made her sit on it and tried to explain to sit there and wait for her parents to return. I left the place hoping that someone else would notice the girl and help her out. I was walking home and thinking what was happening to the little angel who was sitting on the bench. On my way I wanted to stop and go back to find out what happened. However I knew that I was useless there, therefore I continued the journey. Suddenly on the other side of the road I saw that little girl, who a moment ago was sitting on the bench. The worst thing was that she was on her way to cross the road. I started to shout… but it was too late. The girl made a few steps and got knocked by the car. The sight was terrible. Her little trembling body after contacting with the car flew to the other side of the road. It was bleeding immensely and her beautiful dress turned all red. For a moment I was just frozen, I could not move nor talk… I was shocked. Then I could feel the salty tears dropping down from my eyes. My knees started to shake and all of theses terrible feelings of guilt were just piercing my body with knives. I glanced back to the moment where she was still alive sitting on the bench - the time I could help her! The burning agony was killing me. I felt so guilty of not telling the little creature what to do. I just wished I could turn back the time and change all of my abhorrent mistakes! However reality made everything worse, I could see people running towards her little helpless body. In an instance I heard the shrill grunt and that truly annoying staccato of warning tones of the ambulance. I couldn't stand there anymore. The agony was just taking over and I continued my way home. Everyday I wake up with an agonizing affliction and feelings of appalling remorse which will chase me threw out my entire life.

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