One Stop Shop (Phone Zone) Essay

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Marketing Plan
Phone Zone (One Stop Shop)
Nidal Maali
Devry University (Keller School of Management)

1.0 Executive Summary
Phone Zone (One Stop Shop) is a premier cell phone shop that concentrates on providing state of the art services regarding all cell phone needs from A to Z. such as Activation to your choice of any phone service provider using the latest technology of flashing or unlocking, Phone Zone will also offer customers with a quick fix to most major issues in software and hardware like system restore, application updates, screen replacements or charging ports fix and much more. Repairs that normally take days, would only take minutes or few hours in most ...view middle of the document...

Phone Zone will have to launch and use all the necessary marketing tools to get all customers awareness for their smart cell phone services needs in one stop shop. Initially through its Web site, social media, and mobile market. Customer can email or call the shop for any questions concerning cell phones or to schedule time for drop or pick up.
Once this service is offered to a large number of customers and other local small business with
Some momentum, precision and being destinguable in the market place as one stop shop for all
Smartphone needs. It is projected that phone zone will be profitable and will generate great
Profit year after year.
Table 1
Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Vendor in 2Q13 (Thousands of Units)
Company | 2Q13Units | 2Q13 Market Share (%) | 2Q12Units | 2Q12 Market Share (%) |
Samsung | 71,380.9 | 31.7 | 45,603.8 | 29.7 |
Apple | 31,899.7 | 14.2 | 28,935.0 | 18.8 |
LG Electronics | 11,473.0 | 5.1 | 5,827.8 | 3.8 |
Lenovo | 10,671.4 | 4.7 | 4,370.9 | 2.8 |
ZTE | 9,687.6 | 4.3 | 6,331.4 | 4.1 |
Others | 90,213.6 | 40.0 | 62,704.0 | 40.8 |
Total | 225,326.2 | 100.0 | 153,772.9 | 100.0 |
Source: Gartner (August 2013)
* Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 3.6 Percent in Second Quarter of 2013
* Chart shows Smartphone’s market share on the rise per company worldwide **

Smartphone’s now account for 56% of US market.
Smartphones are now the predominant type of cellular phone in the United States, accounting for
More than half according to a new poll, while Apple's iPhone leads all other devices among
Smartphone owners.

2.0 Situation Analysis
Phone zone is in its second year of operation. It recognizes the importance of crafting and following a comprehensive marketing plan. Phone zone offers the market an excellent way of keeping up with their smart phone upgrades and maintenance needs by offering the best customer service supports and a quick repair. So customers would not have to be without their phones for much longer time during repair. Because Phone zone recognize fully the importance and the needs for smart phones and what assistance can bring to us in personal and business. In addition to having customer supports and fast fix for most major brands, Phone Zone does offer Buy , Sell and Trade to their customers beside accepting all phone payments for customer convenient , also has a large variety of phone accessories, gadgets and much more.

2.1 Market Summary
Phone Zone possesses good information about the market and knows a great deal about the common characteristics of the prized customers. Phone Zone will leverage this information to better understand who is served, their needs, and how Phone Zone can communicate with them. Phone Zone will recognize that this is an evolving process that require high trained IT technician on site through the working hours and provide online customer support 24/7.
Market Needs
Phone Zone is providing their customer with...

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