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One Way Flow Of Information Essay

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One way flow of information


Subject internationel communication

Topic: One way flow of information
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Sir Ashraf iqbal

Submitted by : M Arslan Sana rauf Yamna sabir Nusrat jamil M Saad 318 307 347 327 311

GCU faisalabad BS 3rd Mass Communication

One way flow of information


GCU faisalabad BS 3rd Mass Communication

One way flow of information


One way flow of information towards Muslims. After the defeat of Russia in Afghanistan there was one super power in the world and that was America. After Russia Islam was the only power that had ability to challenge America, so America started planning to broke the power of the Islam. Muslims who ...view middle of the document...

And almost 2000 people are accepted Islam in every year. Sofia El Kas-aby is a woman who lost her eight relatives in 9/11 attacks. She said after these attacks I stated to read about Islam and Shocked when I saw that Islam is not about terrorism, and there is no space for terrorists so I accepted Islam and now I live a happy and comfortable life.

GCU faisalabad BS 3rd Mass Communication

One way flow of information


After these attacks a commission was made to investigate these attacks and in his report commission proved that there was American establishment who made these attacks not Islam. Today on one side there is western media who called Taliban as terrorist and on the other hand there are characters like Mari-am yoaan redly who spend only one month with Taliban and accepted Islam when she impressed the way they treat with him. Today on one side American gave 86 year punishment to Dr Afia Saddiqi, according to them she tried to killed a soldier with M4 gun, and on other side in a court of Germany a man killed a Muslim woman in court before the judge and judge give the judgment in the fever of the man who killed Muslim woman by considered killer as a mental patient. The American and western media who always tried to show Muslims as a terrorist become word less when a man killed 77 people in Norway and 200 were injured and in USA a school boy killed 27 children and his mother too. Today on the death of Paul Walker and Michel Jackson there are many inquiries are started but the killing of Muslims in Burma are not see the world. Killing of people in Kashmir,Israel’s attacks in Palestine,and now arb spring on these issues one sided picture is shown to the world ant international media give importance to the issues that are in the favor of west. Unfortunately Muslim’s do not have a power full media group to tell their own issues to the world through that media group. Aljazeera also did not fulfill the Muslims requirements because western media groups are stronger then it.

GCU faisalabad BS 3rd Mass Communication

One way flow of information


When the attack on World Trade Center was made Muslims were blamed for this act so there was one way flow of information and it is shown in these conspiracy theories of the attack on World trade Center. 1. Inside Traders Knew About Attacks Before They Happened Right before the September 11th attacks, some fishy business happened within the stock market and insurance firms. An “extraordinary” amount of put options were placed on United Airlines and American Airlines stocks, the same airlines that were hijacked during the attacks. Many speculate that traders were tipped off about the attacks and profited from the tragedy. The Securities and Exchange Commission launched an insider trading investigation in which Osama Bin Laden was a suspect after receiving information from at least one Wall Street Firm. Theorists noticed that 4,000 Jewish employees took off from work on September 11,...

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