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One World Essay Nuclear Energy

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One World Essay- Nuclear Energy
Nuclear energy is mostly considered as a useful source of energy, but it can also be a huge problem for the world. The following essay will be discussing about the advantages and disadvantages of using Nuclear Energy and also discuss on how it helps and affects our both environmentally and politically.
Before nuclear energy was created, coal was one of the main sources used to create energy. It is also used now but using coal creates many major problems for example like how coal-burning can produce acid-rain, sulfur oxide discharges, carbon dioxide emissions, hazardous wastes and many other problems. These problems made many scientist concerned about the ...view middle of the document...

After World War II, the use of atomic energy finally changed and was used for good and not war. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, electricity was generated for the first time by a nuclear reactor. Ever since, nuclear energy was used to create and produce electricity around the world. It became the most effective and environmentally friendly source of energy used, especially in relation to kilowatts produced, because nuclear plants do not produce any harmful gases unlike coal energy. It requires small area for production and there hasn’t been any significant effect towards water, land, habitat, species and air resources. Nuclear energy has helped the world keep an environmentally friendly society, that is why more and more countries are trying to get access to this kind of source, over 16 countries are now depending on nuclear power for at least a quarter of their electricity, which is quite a lot.

In the following graph, you can see that the nuclear energy (gold) produced to some of the countries are quite a lot and it is mostly a quarter of where they get their electricity source.

Even though nuclear energy has benefited our world to become a more environmentally friendly society, there are also many limitations and disadvantages on the political issues. This is because of how it carries risks of reactor meltdowns and harmful released radiation. When some countries say that they want to use nuclear energy as a source to make electricity, the world gets nervous because therefore, it would mean that they can also make nuclear weapons such as nuclear bombs.
Power plants are not the only source of energy because nuclear weapons can produce even more deadly types or energy. Some countries say that they need that kind of energy to help protect their society and say that it is not a big problem but if you look back into history, nuclear weapons have...

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