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One World Shining Into A Prism

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“You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.” These wise words were said by one of the brightest, most loved presidents, Abraham Lincoln. I find this quote very inspiring and relevant to my essay because although many many things have inspired me and shaped me throughout my childhood, I believe one makes their own decisions. Family, friends, my community, schools, and teachers have influenced me a lot in how I view the world and have made my decision of continuing my education on to college.
Family has played a big role in me wanting to continue my education because my mom had many problems since coming to the United States with out an education. I have seen in the past thirteen years how my mom struggles to provide my sister and I with our necessities and I do not want that for myself or my children later on in life. My mom ...view middle of the document...

I know for a fact that I can do something just as great or even better than any of those professions. I will not be statistic of La Puente and I will attend a great 4 year college. Maybe if I had grown up in a different community I would feel different and even think it is okay to slack off.
I personally believe that the schools I have attended are wonderful and have given me great experience. All of my teachers have always been very motivational and I feel like most of them are real and actually care about their students. I have had plenty of inspiring teachers that give me motivational speeches or that push me to my fullest potential, and although I know for a fact I don’t like most of it, I definitely appreciate all of their hard work. All the things these teachers have done for me makes me realize that they care about me and that makes me want to try harder in life and maybe some day even be the one giving the motivational speeches to my own children or other people. I want to be like all the great teachers who stimulated my mind to do better, be more prepared, and to go above and beyond, Teachers are called Nation Builders and I couldn’t agree more because my teachers definitely have influenced my way of thinking, dreams, and aspirations.
I am like a prism because when light is placed my direction, I reflect it back in all directions and one way I wish to reflect my light is through continuing my education and making wise decisions. Overall many things have inspired and shaped me in my life and we choose what to take up from our experience and surroundings, fortunately I have taken up a great deal of good from mine. Children are big sponges that absorb things as we grow and learn so it only makes sense that we discover more things from the people and places we spend more time with which frame us for what we do with our life’s as we get older. Hence my 3 choices on what has encouraged me to continue with my education.

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