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Online Bus Ticket Reservation System Essay

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Online Bus Ticket Reservation System
AMA Parañaque
Submitted By:
Alvasan, Darwin
Carlos, Michael Angelo
Escamillas, Archie
Rodriguez, Allan
Sangil, Jon Daryll

Submitted To:
Mr. William Aldea III

Module 1

I. Executive summary
Nowadays, the people usually come to bus terminals to book bus tickets. In this manner, it is harder to travel because of being unsure if there are available slots or vacancies, and then as a result it will be a great hassle to the travellers.
The JAM Liner Company is still using the traditional way of bus ticketing, which leave the bus travellers no choice. So, the proponents decided to design an online bus ticket reservation system to lessen the ...view middle of the document...

This system helps not only the travellers, but also the company itself, which makes it an efficient way of dealing with large amount of transactions.

Study Objective
The goal of this system is to help passengers avoid hassle in queue especially on peak seasons. Also, to provide the Online Bus Ticket Reservation System for JAM liner Company which gives an efficient and user friendly system that will make the process of reservation faster. The system will give an advantage not only to the travellers but also to the company itself, through which it also centralizes the processing of data transactions.

Scope of Study
The propose system is capable of ensuring the safety processing of data’s, through which it protects the privacy and integrity of customer records from accidental or malicious intentional unauthorized disclosure, manipulation, alteration, abuse and theft. It also shows the specific information which will help the users in understanding the whole system. Unlike the manually operated system, this system provides a much easier and a user-friendly way of dealing with large amount of data, which will reduce the most human errors.
The system has partial control with the system owner shares control over and responsibility for an entity. The system does not cover any kind of information about the structures outside the system boundaries such as the bus operator’s identity.

Products and Services
Online bus tickets can be booked through the internet and the travellers can do at any time of the day. It is a simple and easy process that hardly takes more than a few seconds. The applicant must fill out an application form provided with their registered account and in that form, it is very important to mention all the information in the space provided. Then the request form goes for verification. Once confirmation comes, the applicant makes the payment. The payment process for online bus reservation is simple and easy. You can use both valid Debit and Credit cards.

III. Company Summary
Company Name : JAM Liner
Address : Kilometer 44 Tagaytay Road, St. Pulong Sta. Rosa City, Laguna 4026
Telephone Number :  (02) 831-8264/831-0465
Fax Number : (632) 855-8071
E-Mail address :
Status of Promoter : Company

a. Mayor's Permit and/or Municipal License.
b. Business name certificate and all amendments thereto, if any, in the case of single proprietorship. In the case of a corporation or partnership, a certified true copy of the Articles of Incorporation, its By-Laws or Articles of Partnership and
amendments thereto, if any, duly registered with the Securities and Exchange
c. Proof of ownership or contract of lease over an area adequate to serve as
maintenance depot and garage for all its units (not applicable to water transport)
d. A list of names of all officials and...

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