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Online Communities Essay

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Online Communities

"Now, please, everyone lock your wings, let the air out of your shoes and prepare for a period of stimulated exhilaration! Everybody ready? Let’s get in ‘sync’ for our Flight To The Future! (Reid)"

Welcome to the 21st century. Everything is changing very quickly in nowadays. Many unbelievable things are happening right now. We are getting college credits without attending classes everyday. Instead of going to schools with heavy bag packs, we just stay at home and take classes through the Internet. The Internet is the most fastest transportation system. It takes us to different countries in five seconds. What we do is just clicking on the mouse and it shows us all ...view middle of the document...

After I searched on the Internet, I got an idea of online community. Online Community area is an electronic meeting place where people share important information. They do not physically meet together like other communities, but they go to same place on the net.

Online community is a program that allows global real-time communication in writing via networked personal computers. Although the group was already part of an electronically constituted community, accustomed to discussing issues, sharing assignments, and reporting on successes and failures in our various projects, meeting on IRC introduced a new and exciting dynamic to our work together (Michael Day).

According to many educators, online communities are very active learning places where people from the entire world get together and share their valuable information and ideas. Learning through online communities can be fostered by meaningful and short-term interactions with others with different worldviews, life experiences, languages, and cultures.

Positive Effects

Effective education for the 21st century must provide firsthand opportunities for students to learn about the online communities. Many educators encourage students to use online communities for effective learning. According many educators, there are many positive effects on using online communities.

Many special education teachers agree that using online communities is very effective way of learning for students with disabilities. Online community as a tutor to present information, give students practice, assess their level of understanding, and provide instruction if needed (Slavin 326). Children in special-education program seem to like learning from online community. Poorly motivated students have become more enthusiastic about their studies. They feel more in control because they are being taught in a context that is positive, reinforcing, and nonthreatening.

According to Robert E. Slavin, who is the writer of "Educational Psychology:Theory and Practice," the online communities provide opportunities for individualized for students with disabilities. The use of online communities to help exceptional children to learn has four major advantages. First, it can help to individualize instruction in terms of method of diversity, type and frequency of reinforcement, rate of presentation, and level of instruction. Second online communities can give immediate corrective feedback and emphasize the active role of the child in learning. Third, it can hold the attention of children who are easily distractible. Fourth, computer instruction is motivating and patient (467). One valuable approach that uses online communities is to provide children who are academically disable with activities in which they are explore, construct, and communicate.

In the article "So Please Stop, Thank You" by Michele Evard, she explains clearly how children use online as a good learning resource. "In this online environment,...

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