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Online Education Essay

731 words - 3 pages

Mandi Arabbo
Elizabeth Natter
English 1180
9 October 2014
Work Hard, But Not Too Hard!
How do you think society measures “perfection”? Is it measured in cups of coffee or make-up? How about the number on a scale or the reflection we see in the mirror? In a female’s perspective, women become fascinated with everything that is exposed to them; they feel that it is mandatory to follow the “New Trend.” A lot of the females do not understand that the celebrities may say to maintain their nice physique they eat healthy. Yet in reality 95% of them either have gone through plastic surgery or some other procedure that will harm their body severely. They are so concerned on competing and being the ...view middle of the document...

The only things diet pills will end up doing is cause cruel problems to your health and body. Coming from the person that had multiple friends who would consistently take diet pills, the only thing that benefit them from those diet pills was a lost of appetite, an increase of the amount of calories burned, and decrease the amount of fat inserted to your body. Sure all of those benefits do not sound too bad, however, the pills did cause my good friends to have long-term health problems. Some of those health problems they developed were asthma, also an increase of blood pressure. So think about it? Is it really worth spending all of your money on diet pills?
Females have this image where to be accepted, they need to look a certain way. Skin and bones are not what people like to see, in fact that, would give people the assumption that you have some kind of eating disorder. Eating healthy becomes an obsession when they start to see results, which will end up to some kind of eating disorder. Paula Abdul, a...

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